Protection of Rune



One of the systems for the protection and energy most commonly used physical sector runic, is the use of Algiz (link) runes.

Ptrotection of Rune Algiz

Viewing of the shields in the four directions - North, East, South, West - Rune "colored" by red energy, above and below your body, you will get protection from possible "dangers" physical energy or for 24 hours. Remember to always give a beginning and an end to the action energy that could rivolgervisi apply for or against becoming a vampire energy, especially if you did things with great conviction and concentration.
Another way of invoking the name of Odin in trouble, asking for his help, not a passive level as has been used in Catholicism, but rather an active, or by requesting the courage of the warrior to fight their battles without fear nothing. Ahead, you can project Thurizas rune, rune of Thor the warrior, representing the His hammer that conquers all.

Thurizas rune

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