Electrosmog and Electromagnetic Fields


Harmful effects of electromagnetic fields

Electrosmog and Electromagnetic Fields

There is no scientific research can demonstrate that the electromagnetic fields (electrosmog), both at low and high frequency, do not have any harmful effect in humans.
There are numerous studies, carried out by scholars in various parts of the world, proving the correlation between exposure to electromagnetic fields and the occurrence of cancer, especially childhood leukemia and tumors of the nervous system.

Despite this there is an increase in indiscriminate use of electromagnetic fields in ignorance of the priority of public health protection. Science is divided.
Many scientists agree that electromagnetic fields are known to be harmful and that, with the progress of the research, the exposure level above which biological effects are found, will be numerically smaller and smaller. Other researchers are more cautious and questioning the ways in which they were achieved certain results. No one is capable of supporting "scientifically" that the electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic pollution are harmless.

More and more people are complaining about the hardships of various kinds after exposure to electromagnetic fields at low and high frequency. (Currently, by law, limit the display, for low frequencies, is 0.2 micro tesla.)
It is still impossible schermarsi, except in a limited way, and exposure for the entire population is involuntary.

It is not possible, for example, avoid exposure to radio waves emitted by mobile phones in crowded places like restaurants, stores, offices, banks, public transport .. etc..
For researchers such as Dr. Valorie Hundt (at UCLA: University of California Los Angeles), the human energy field that permeates the visible matter and protrudes from the body for a few tens of centimeters, is composed of charged particles of energy that move in a fluid such as air currents or water currents. Many properties of the energy detected in the laboratory seem to indicate a possible fifth state of matter that some scientists call bioplasma.

This plasma obeys the laws of physics and has the characteristics of a field organizer in intimate connection with the psyche, the body and its systems.
The evidence, although incomplete for now, the existence and nature of the human energy field, made known by a large number of scholars, are prerequisites to reconsider the functioning of living as a "complex interplay of forces" rather than a sum mechanistic elements.
The bioplasma human, as well as being a field organizer, is the organ of perception that records and processes the external and internal information even before they are decoded by the sense organs. This would explain, for example, why we turn automatically, when we are observed or when we plan an event that occurs just a few moments later.

Use of electricity and electromagnetic fields, relatively recent event in human history, still is not keeping in mind:
The new energy vision suggested by modern physics
The inconsistency between the theories of perception and a large number of phenomena of living because it ignores the mechanistic rationale can not explain the existence of the human energy field

The priorities of health over economic interests.

In March two years ago in Rome, the OMS3, after giving the matter in the top four global priority, has developed a specific project lasting five years International aims to promote scientific research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation to which they have reached, in some areas of industrialized countries, higher levels even more than a million times to those of fifty years ago, while the consortium Iridium World Satellite Communications with the launch of the last five geostationary satellites has just created a uninterrupted global communication network for mobile telephony. The Iridium network, which cost 9,000 billion lire, through its 66 satellites, will serve an initial pool of 20 million potential users.

In the near future the problem will not be confined only to the increase of mobile phones, but will extend in an unpredictable manner due to the production of devices for controlling various kinds of objects, people and situations at a distance. Many applications are already in the planning phase: tools for controlling the speed of the cars at a distance, control stations of the public transport system through radio telephones, satellite-phone-monitoring bracelets from wrist to children, mobile-video-computer wrist for adults, linked to satellite trucks, etc. ... required toll.


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