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He was the chief deity, known also as Anglo-Saxons Woden and Wotan between gl between Germans, the English name of the day Wednesday, Thursday, means "day of Woden." The Wednesday is the central day of the week. All their names are linked to the idea of hidden source of maximum power and knowledge of the sublime.

Odin is the father's seed, and then "because" everything that occurs, the myth of Odin hanging from the tree symbolizes the ego to the self-giving to gain the knowledge, means that the self-sacrifice is the sacrifice of the small self to the higher Self, and at the same time that the self is able to expand the consciousness to arrive at the totality of his very being.
The gesture of Odin is an evolutionary model valid for all humanity, - which recalls in part the "Sacrifice" which is said was made by Jesus on the cross sort of metaphysical stylized tree - because it indicates not only the process of interaction with the Whole, but also the process of separation from all that happens to trigger the reinstatement of the individual in all, indicates that the evolutionary process of transformation, in which the runes have a key role.

The runes (link) are in fact the patterns through which the interior is exteriorized to increase the their understanding, the gift to humanity is the ability to expand consciousness, capacity that differentiates humans from other forms of earthly life, which has the ability to rise to the loftiest heights and descend into the lowest depths to implement the transformation process.
The myth says that, to transcend death, Odin sacrificed an eye, according to some it the left eye, but this version was heavily influenced by Christian fundamentalists they wanted to give her figure a sinister character by exploiting the superstitious idea that the the left belongs to the devil (in the Middle Ages left-handed people were thought to be owned by devil, and still happens in some places of "church"!).

The left hemisphere of the brain controls analytical processes while the right hemisphere is concerned intuition: Medicine confirms that the two hemispheres intersect at a point in frontal brain behind the eyes, then the left eye is connected to the right hemisphere, and the RH and LH. Odin had to choose between sacrificing analytical ability or intuition, and decided to sacrifice the right eye, thereby increasing the capacity of the left eye, that is, the intuitive faculty, in fact Odin wanted to give people something of enormous value, aimed at a very high success: dell'immanifesto the abyss in which Odin hung from the tree looked as are the depths of his being enlightened by the spirit, he saw the knowledge that he sought and for which he had sacrificed part of himself.

Odin is also represented as the wounded healer, a shaman and a master nomad tended to the welfare of all, driving through the changes of consciousness, is the guide that leads men to the next evolutionary stage, after having made a first-hand experience person having directly known, perhaps this is the reason why it was also referred to as "the god of inspiration", ie that inspires by example: our quest for Wisdom is the same as Odin moved along this endless path.
Odin is also a master of disguises, to symbolize that spiritual realities are not easily recognizable in the world of ordinary experience, but are disguised as ordinary things, those things we take for granted, then the powers of Odin are: inspiration, creativity and wisdom, and his rune is Ansuz.


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