Rune meaning Thurisaz


Rune Meaning Thurisaz

Rune Meaning Thurisaz

Name: Thurisaz, Thiuth, Thorn, Thurs.
Sound: s
Symbolic meaning: the plug (defense and attack), the enemy of adversity, the defense, the hammer, the brute force.

Thurisaz is the rune of brute force, which can be good in the hands of a positive person  as bad in an evil, the same goes for the Giants (the thurse they recall), in the same way, the hammer, depends on its user, and the plug defends unconsciously.

This rune has a rather bad reputation and runisti perceive it as a hazardous energy, but needless to say that the runes are in themselves neutral and that the energy their impact depends on the man or woman who uses them: the intention of the magician or the witch must be clear and he or she must be sufficiently balanced so that his unconscious interfere with his work. Thurisaz expresses an energy of a first level of defense understanding, is the rune of Thor (which is the original), the irreconcilable enemy of the Giants, and this title helps to break down the big brute forces and neutralizing adverse to remove obstacles, and corresponds to the thunder, the lightning also causes abrupt changes of situation. It can be projected to defend themselves and in this sense is protective, but the plug does not relate to what stings. These are also called "plugs" the menhir, which is an axis Solar, located generally in places where the tellurismo is strong, if you allow to regenerate captures the energy they contain.

It 'a phallic symbol of righteousness and life, representing the male protective power. Tied to Giants are nothing if not the primal forces of our world, can help communicate with them, especially with the Giants of hoarfrost, and ask them protection in some circumstances, during the snow storms when traveling by car or there located in the mountains. And 'therefore a rune of force and non-intelligence, but that is the rune unconsciously protect, including the size of its protective plug, mythology manifests when the God Balder died, "point" with an arrow, for the Hel – which derives the English word for hell, and that the Catholic culture has used to scare millions of men, since in Norse mythology, Hel was only the world of the dead - and there will be protected against the effects of Ragnarok - the end of the world - the consummation of the destiny of Powers, and can be expected to rise serenely in the Golden Age: the fable of "Beautiful Sleeping "is a restoration of that archetype of myth.

The rune Thurisaz is connected to the hammer of Thor that you proclaim by the sound and dall'abbagliante flash of lightning, sovereign protector of the realm of Midgard, Odin's son and goddess Jord (wild and uncultivated land), as his father is related to the storms and the time pollution, fight against chaos and giants, to protect the kingdom of men, Midgard.

It 's also the god of war and as such relied on by the fierce Germanic tribes, remain signs of its existence even in modern English, the name that thursday Thursday, which derives from archaic Swedish thorsdag that day of Thor.

The Thurisaz rune also symbolizes Mjollnir, the crusher, the formidable hammer of Thor, as said earlier, that causes the thunder, blacks forged by the elves, his power is such that the God must hold it with gloves of iron, after wearing a studded leather belt Braided: Thor can throw away what he wants but always comes back in the hammer his hands.

This rune is also symbolic of Jotnar, the Giants, the primordial forces of chaos that will have the upper hand in Ragnarok: the fortress of the Giants is Utgard, located in Jotunheim, one of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology, separated from Midgard, the world of men, by high mountains and dense forests.
The giants represent the forces of primordial chaos and the wild and destructive, the their defeat at the hands of the gods represent the triumph of culture over nature, although the cost of constant vigilance.

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