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The Planets in astrology and horoscope

The Sun

The Sun describes the true essence of a person, his inner being, what is its fundamental interest. In addition, the Sun represents vitality and ability to assert an individual and the general tone of its existence, it colors every other dimension.
Sign equivalent: Leo

The Moon

The Moon represents the feelings and emotions of a person, his receptivity, imagination, and the tone of his life based on the primary sensations. Moreover, the Moon symbolizes the sense of rhythm, time and timing in a person's life, as well as influence its adaptability to change, its mobility and versatility.
Sign equivalent: Cancer


Mercury represents reason, reasonableness (common sense), all that is rational, as well as the written and spoken word, the order, the weighing and evaluating, learning and our capacity.
Corresponding signs: Gemini and Virgo


Venereci gives the sense of beauty, the joy of experiencing pleasure, aesthetic awareness, love of harmony, sociability, taking pleasure in the relationships and eroticism.
Corresponding signs: Libra and Taurus


Mars represents the energy and dynamism of a person, his courage, his determination, spontaneity and impulsiveness. It also describes the readiness for action, his way of dealing with things to do, as mere aggression.
Sign equivalent: Aries


The search for meaning and an individual purpose, optimism, hope and sense of justice are represented by Jupiter, as well as faith, a basic philosophy for life, the desire for personal growth and development .
Sign equivalent: Sagittarius


Saturn shows how we perceive "reality", where we meet where we discover our strengths and limitations. It represents our conscience and our moral convictions, the law and the rules under which we decide to obey. It also tells us something regarding our endurance and our ability to concentrate as well as offer qualities like earnestness, caution and discretion.
Sign equivalent: Aquarius


Uranus represents intuition, it transmits sudden inspiration and flashes of genius, an openness to all that is new, unknown and unusual. On this planet is also associated with the attitude of stubborn opposition. It is also considered "typical" for astrology itself.
Sign equivalent: Aquarius


This planet gives us ability supersensory, opens doors to mystical experiences in the transcendental. At this level it is difficult to discern where perception moves into deception, illusion and false appearances, making Neptune is associated to all these features, with drugs and all kinds of pseudo-reality.
Sign equivalent: Pisces


Pluto defines our way of dealing with the power - personal and impersonal - both through the forbearance of the power exercised over us by others, whether it is exercised by us. Describes how we face the demonic and magical, our regenerative powers and our capacity to radical changes and rebirth: the cycles of death and becoming.
Sign equivalent: Scorpio


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