How to activate the Runes



To activate the runes, put each stone (or rod of wood or other material) on the palm of left hand, lean over the right hand closed cylinder, in which soffierete with the whole rune on your strength: first inhale deeply expressing yourself the intention of absorb all the vital energy of your staff that I, hold your breath while you put your right hand, closed cylinder on the left and concentrating the same time on the name rune on rune then blown throughout your life force, repeat it three times.

The same procedure is followed for each rune now ready and will be linked to you and because your unconscious will have received a part of you, by the breath of life. To protect them and bring them with you keep them in a bag which you built with your hands or bought for the need.

Tape by Rune

A tape is the coupling of two or more runes to form a single harmonic character that incorporates the powers of the runes in pairs, can be used as a personal seal, and act on each plane of existence.
While a tape is a set of characters each rune must retain its own specificity for this reason can not be formed from more than 5 runes and must have a shape Harmonic: each tape serves a purpose, intent not to many.

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