Runic meditation


Runic meditation

Runic meditation

How to meditate with the Runes

The runic meditation is a tool to move up the subconscious mind in order to know runic powers under way both in the universe within ourselves, it is neither self-hypnosis or mediumship, is simply a means to calm brain activity and enter another state of consciousness, while remaining fully alert and present.

The runic meditation, like all the meditations, it should be done in a quiet place and at a time where nobody will disturb you, you should assume a seated position with your back straight, light a white candle and place close to you is that the runes appunterete notebook where the results of meditation.

Meditate for at least the first month, on a rune at a time, this will allow your mind to not get too much information together, light the candle, sit back and close your eyes, relax and clear your mind: Carry your self in a natural where you can feel happy.

With closed eyes see the rune you want to work, imagine a beautiful light blue electric, examine it as if it were a solid object, sussurratene name a few times, so ask the runes to reveal something of his power that can be useful to know.

Maintain a positive attitude and open as well as passive and do not assume attitudes of expectancy in comparison to what you are doing now, the answer may come in the form of word, image or feeling, let things go as they please, do not direct the event in any way.

After a period of half an hour, and then thank stiracchiatevi, back to reality every day, write what you have learned or what has happened in meditation, you soon realize that the things you write are similar to those reported in various publications.


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