Meaning of numbers

This is a branch of the ancient knowledge, with ancestral roots in the history of the human being, full of knowledge secret - once or retained as such - trying to describe the person, and not only through a profound symbolism, also connected to the techniques of construction of cathedrals and ancient sacred monuments.
Mathematics, one of whose branches is the geometry of interest, is the universal language that can be understood by anyone with a modicum of knowledge in it: just look at that, the scientists of today, sending signals to the search for life in the cosmos, in the form of encrypted signals mathematically.
If you receive a civilization, would be able, thanks to his cognitive level, to interpret the message, despite the different companies - with different customs and traditions - and the scientific level, or different language, since it represents the basis of technology and of knowledge.
The numerology is concerned with the interactions "esoteric" but also "hidden" in the date of birth, as well as in name, where each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a numeric value and the sum of them, resulting inner discoveries of character of the person, his dreams, his chances in life - at least in the margins - and so on, so she could ask, in respect of the same, with a mind less pitying and more active, trying to get the best that life can reserve the .
In the link provided on this page will explain briefly the subject, always bearing in mind that all information contained herein, is purely educational and theoretical, having evaluating the person as a whole to have a better interpretation of the calculations that you can obtain.

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