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For many in the term "Celtic" is associated with the culture and mythology of the extreme western edge of Europe, the lands immersed in the cult of heroes and the romance of the Arthurian cycle: this was the vision conveyed in Ireland in the nineteenth century, the so-called Celtic renaissance.
The story, however, is more complicated as the classical scholars DESIGNATED as the Celts a large group of people originally lived north of the Alps, before spreading to the East, West and South
In the thousand years before his conversion to Christianity of the western Celts, these warrior tribes developed a way of life profoundly marked by religious cults and their symbolism.

The Celts believed that each element of the natural world was animated by a spirit, but with the arrival of Christianity, many pagan gods were fused spontaneously with the figures of the new religion, a bit 'as has happened in other civilizations that tried the "poison Catholic "rather than a Christian ..
Among the Celts many rituals and much of the religious symbolism had as a theater of natural sites, votive offerings were found in lakes, rivers, swamps and near the sources.
The hilly regions are often housed cults dedicated to the veneration of the gods of the mountains that included places like sacred groves and glades could be marked by the presence of a shrine or more characteristic phallic megalith.
Used to demarcate the sacred areas around the Celtic world, these were probably originally identified with the tree of life.

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