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History of Hinduism


Already at the time of the Beatles, the world became interested in an ancient culture but you do not know anything except through the exported products, such as tea, silks, carvings, spices, and more, that is India.

Country battered by various ethnic groups who subdued through most of high technology weapons, especially the British were able to get in touch with that world so esoteric, rich in works of art, historical knowledge and techniques, stemming from a distant past now almost forgotten, remembered only by those who were "insiders" in the work.

Unfortunately, the English, they simply rob India rather to enrich their knowledge, and this fact did a long time before that the actions of Gandhi and other political enlightened, bring to the fore the fact that there was a country so rich and intriguing of mystery like India, Egypt was the monopoly fashion undermined.

India is full of references to a past full of events that ordinary people would not expect, because his books and writings handed down by the Brahmins speak of atomic wars, space travel, flying cars with hard to believe they were made so primitive that period of human history, yet, thanks to ideas contained in these writings, India has succeeded in the past, before the year 2000, to send a man into space, with no industrial espionage, and without asking anyone's help .

Obviously something is true if this was possible: at the bottom of the page you will find links that will help you learn a bit 'better the culture of India and Hinduism, I hope you enjoy them.

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