Dream meaning interpretation


Meaning of dreams and interpretation

Meaning of dreams and interpretation

Dreams have always been a mysterious and fantastic world in which the human being does is get rid of all the limitations that real life "gives" so easily, and in which each person feels restricted from all fetters both physical and psychological, non-existent in the world of the astral, in the world of dreams, fantasy, turning each of us into a new Peter Pan, who can see things and events in other forms of life and points of view, without falling depression that often brings with it the reality.

All creatures of this kingdom are trying to establish a dialogue, but they are expressed in an unknown language. This language you can learn and, contrary to popular opinion, shows how dreams can not speak to that reality, inner and outer. While the Freudian school has a habit of relegating the points of view of the researcher in the past in ways of thinking and seeing the second oldest cultural patterns obsolete, the Jungian theories can open new avenues cognitive unconscious and the inner life that characterizes the human mind , and because I could not get confirmation of the validity of certain statements, I want to make you partakers readers of my website in the hope that you will benefit from it.

To understand the unconscious messages you need to have the quality of being open to any road that our inner desire tell without doubts or limit in any way, the only way to start a path of dialogue with our inner self and the unconscious, and that's what the dream trying to take us.

The sun shines for the animal and for man, but the intelligence gives inner eyes. "It 's because Rembrandt mimics the light that finds its light," said André Malraux the Dutch painter.

I hope you will find your light source as I have found mine...

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