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The outputs from the body and astral travel projection

Out of body travel astral OBE

The output from the body, also called experience OBE (Out Body Experiences) has been studied for decades by various groups of researchers, recognized or not, using human subjects or evidence of who had had such experiences.

It is to experience the sensation of floating on air with no physical body (astral travel), without limits, with the power to move in any direction at any distance instantaneously, at any time, pass through objects, see or hear what normally you can not see or hear, learn topics which had been lost (whose media have been destroyed by time or by men), in short, what happens, at least in part, when a living thing dies.

It can be a traumatic experience or exciting, whether voluntary or involuntary.
There are people, of course, brought out from the body, often in situations not exactly suited to the event were recorded OBE (astral travel body) during the mass, waiting to perform a medical examination at the hospital, so most of them remain traumatized by the event, since the phenomenon does not know and did not think getting "bogged down" in these phenomena: the event can be repeated as not, can be sudden and then not again ever, or, suddenly emerge after years of normal and not stop again until the end of the natural physical person.

There have been cases of people buried in a state of apparent death, or death from heart attack in people who already had heart weakness, however, is not an argument to be trifled with, or experience of boredom or curiosity, as often happens in our day .

The world of elsewhere, as is nominated by students of esotericism, a place not all roses: there ready to feed on the energy scale of the victim who voluntarily and without preparation, addressing the journeys in the afterlife.
I feel so anyone interested in avoiding such voluntary practices, and give suggestions for self-defense, to those who undergo the phenomenon of course, then I invite you to look in the links listed below the information you need.


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