Energy projection of Runes



The energy projection of the runes or a single of them, is used for the rituals psychic so such as those rituals - the difference between the 2 types is that the rituals psychic not have equipment needs related to magic, while others, need the equipment or the Druid the magician - in all types of action at a distance where you want to act as the healing, psychological help-energy, luck, protection of physical or spiritual, et cetera.
To use the runes with this system, you pick a rune or runes, depending on the
About that we resolve, we must ask ourselves in meditation, directing our attention with the target (be it a person or an intention), to create a union with our being interior.

At this point, and no one can describe how they feel that it has succeeded in regard, because the sensations vary from person to person, it displays the rune that intends to use, projecting energy from your chakras, connected to the problem to be solved, loads the symbol of suitable energy: when the runic symbol "blink" as to reveal its saturation energy, you will have to play while it is being pushed toward the subject - above ourselves if we are working for us - to be treated, and then cut the energy cord with it not to become reservoirs of free energy at which the target you attack up to sfinirci.

Council, however, do not use this technique without a thorough study with a person actually prepared the industry - beware of those who only asks you money, then do as you like, at most you'll pay the consequences - on pain of incurring problems of various kinds.


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