Connect to the tree of life

Rune connect to the tree of life


With nine days and nine nights he remained hanging from the tree, Odin indicates that in order to find our true self, before discovering what we really are and give us the full others, we must bring us to our higher self, the appearance of higher and nobler.

Our composite personality, this implies the abandonment of the small self, the personality temporary, to the greatest self, our identity or enduring spirit, then he will answer working for the welfare of the small self.

Go outside, in a solitary place where nobody will disturb you, bring pen and paper: standing position with feet together, look to the north, the direction of the North Star which is the point around which the entire universe seems to rotate, raise your arms forming the Algiz rune.
Focus on the act to link to this rune and the rune that connects you to the tree existence, then remaining in this position say the following words, which have learned by heart: "I connect to the tree of life, and I offer myself to myself, I make contact with the Runes, in a spirit of love and harmony, that I know and can be fed forward same blessing to all those I meet. "

Pause to reflect on the words just spoken, and then wait for an answer, that may come in the form of sensation, mental image or emotion, or as a combination of these three: the response received lower your arms back, relax.
Take a few deep breaths and note paper on your experience.

Keep a written record of all the feelings, thoughts and knowledge that will come use and study of the runes in order to have a kind of logbook of your experiences, which, when studied after a long time, demonstrate the changes in your unconscious and your whole being.

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