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HISTORY OF siddhartha Gautama

Buddhism (Buddha-Sasana = Sanskrit) is one of the largest religions and among the oldest in the world. Originating from the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, commonly epitomizes the doctrines based on the Four Noble Truths (Sanskrit Arya-Catvāri-satyani). The term "Buddhism" more generally indicates the set of traditions, belief systems, practices and spiritual techniques, individual and devotional, arising from different interpretations of these doctrines, which have evolved very heterogeneous and diverse.
Built in the sixth century BC, spread from India in later centuries especially in South-East Asia and the Far East, reaching, from the twentieth century, even in the West.

The word Buddhism is of recent coinage, introduced in Europe in the nineteenth century to refer to what is related to the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama as Buddha. In reality, a single word to express this concept does not exist in any of the Asian countries originating in that religious tradition.
Below we give more precise information than the philosophical aspects of this tradition, because is not religion but a movement was born as a rational pseudo-esoteric to help people get more inner stability, avoiding, as it did in those days in where Buddha was born, which does not kill for nothing or that it does cause unnecessary pain to the people.

A large illuminated realized that it was necessary to disclose a set of teaching material in order to obtain an acceptable peace with considerable implications for the spiritual elevation populations are always at war in this world of mortals.
The Buddha was not a being coming from another world, but simply a man who was able to disseminate this knowledge, helping millions of people: I must say that the Buddha there existed so many there ever refers to a unique human being, but to a number of enlightened men in their quest for mental and psychological truth of the men who inhabit this planet Earth.
I will try as much as possible to stay in contact with the tradition that came to us Westerners, even if it is discovered too late that what we think we know is not what is taught in places where religious-philosophical movement arises, or at least not exactly the same, but maybe some notions are modified to be more easily assimilated by us white Westerners.

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