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Transcendental Meditation Yoga

Transcendental Meditation Yoga

Much in recent years has been attacked for transcendental meditation, but few have really understood what it is. Meditation, in general, is a relaxed situation in which one tries to stop or control thought, to get benefits inner and / or physical. Beyond the various techniques that will only reach higher goals, or other type of meditation is a time of relaxation over the tensions of everyday life: the transcendental meditation, as the name states, wants to "transcend" the ultimate truth, highly spiritual, and not only to relax, as happens to those who practice in the darkest ignorance, led by others ignorant.

I state that there is no need to go to India, China or Japan to learn to meditate, because there are systems well suited to our Western culture, which only becomes more "trendy" or "cool" to say that you do this rather than something that people already know.
That said let's explain the basics of meditation, keeping in mind that there are thousands of technical practice, follow the link below if you want to learn more.


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