Reiki as a form of therapy


What is Reiki

What is Reiki

Reiki is a healing system that provides easy and effective imposition of hands: its history dates back to about 1800, although this system of healing is much older, with Mikao Usui, Dean Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan, and at the same time Christian minister.

Faced with the request of his students who wanted to know how Jesus cured the sick, he undertook a search of ten years to discover and learn this method.
The Christian authorities of his country told him, however, that this art had never been discussed and that very little was known about it: Usui sought information in Buddhism as there are extraordinary similarities between the life of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha in India 620 - 543 a. C. and that of Jesus in Palestine, but was told by the monks of the ancient spiritual healing methods had been lost and that the only way to know was to follow the teachings of the Path of Enlightenment.
Usui went to the States where he lived for 7 years but, having no significant responses from the Christian community of that country, he enrolled at the Faculty of Theology in Chicago and, after examining comparative religions and philosophies of the world, took his degree in theology, also learned to write in Sanskrit, the ancient language of the learned Indians and Tibetans, but remained without answers he wanted.

After this period there was no talk of him as a pastor or Christian, but simply as a Buddhist moved, after returning home, in a Zen monastery.
After various vicissitudes, he noticed the parallels between Buddhism and the teachings of the early Christians - who will not here describe as completely outside the context - where it was found that both Jesus and Buddha were the healers, because the latter was also called the "great doctor": the practice of Buddhism initially placed emphasis on both physical and spiritual healing, but later it came to be discouraged.

What today is called Reiki was already described in the Time of Buddha, the sutras (sacred books of India) Buddhist, but instead was handed down orally.
The legend says, because these things are always exaggerated to give an aura of mystery to the "stories" that deal with spirituality, which Usui tired of not finding answers to his questions, he retired to a cave for three weeks in meditation, prayer and fasting, vowing that if before the expiry of the last day he could not find what you wanted, would have given up.

Arrived last day, when all hopes had abandoned him, Usui had a vision in which the facts were to see the Reiki symbols and instructions for use.
I should point out that, according to all Reiki practitioners, it can not be used until after the so-called activation of the chakras and "etching" symbols in the aura of the practitioner ... I must say that this statement is partly true and partly false: If a person is spiritually evolved enough, did not need anything else to use Reiki, but if you need a lot of ideas, not just part of the discipline and training, then it is best to find a good teacher , remembering always that does not mean having to pay so much time, and that a master is famous not sure that they have found a good teacher because the world is full of cheaters, but if you choose so maybe it was destiny for you, perhaps you were not yet ready .

The story would be far from over, but for now I'll stop here, however below are links where interested parties will find the correct symbols and systems to implement them, so can not cause damage, because the Reiki can not be used for evil.

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