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Symbols Ancient Egypt

Symbols Ancient Egypt

For the ancient Egyptians the entire world, as they saw it, was represented symbolically: the Sun and the Nile, which gave them nourishment and sustenance, wild and domestic animals, everything was imbued with a hidden meaning, even the architecture of the species associated with funeral rites, was full of complex meanings evocative.

At its most profound symbolism for the Egyptians was a way to express their reflections on the nature and life itself, the struggle between good and evil, life after death.
The writing of the ancient Egyptians was highly symbolic and directly associated to the gods - a proof of how close was the relationship between the figures drawn, and the very act of tracing them is that one word meant "draw" and "write".

Whole language was symbolic: two legs interpreted as walking, a rectangle with an opening at the base instead showed a house, the representations of the god Thoth had many - seemed like ibis, as anthropomorphic head, as a baboon or lunar deity - was primordial for the role of the Egyptian god of writing and patron of scribes, it was believed that language was given directly by the gods.

The baboon god Thoth appears often while supervising a scribe humbly bowed in the act of writing.

The most common Egyptian Symbols:

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