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From the runes, you can also get predictions in response to our questions, a custom that has consolidated with the New Age culture, in the last 20 years, but has no real historical basis, at least not as taught in various publications related to it.
Shamans, or druids, called Runelor, from "one who throws the runes", today we would say runista, threw the bones inscribed with runic letters of the alphabet in a well defined group, but explained the maximum from which to draw the auspices, not used the modern system.

It was a little 'how to read tarot cards, but you can also use the system of extraction from the bag, so fashionable today, of a single rune or multiple runes, as you prefer.
Everyone has to find a fairer system and in tune with your inner being, which remains and is the only one with the highest value, against any faith, energy technology, esoteric or occult, that we are going to use for their own purposes of spiritual quest.

That said you have to specify if you had not yet realized that, using the runes for read the future or a situation, you must acquire a knowledge of the subject, worth a total or near-bankrupt company, or the inaccuracy of the "game" as some call it, downplaying the practice of reading only.

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