The seven chakras energy centers of the human body

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How to Open the Chakras

Chakra and 'a Sanskrit word whose meaning and' wheel or disk and indicates one of seven basic energy centers in the human body. The chakras are human strengths (or centers), sometimes associated with major nerve ganglia that branch from the spine or physical organs, among which would move variously defined energy (Prana) and their knowledge is transmitted from many systems of yoga, different traditions in the Hindu, Buddhist. Many traditions agree that the energy chakras act as valves. Their main function is to absorb the Universal Energy, metabolize, food and release energy auras outside


opening first chakras

First Chakra Muladhara The name of the first chakra of the human body, located below the spine, exactly in the perineum (area between the anus and sexual organs): its name means "root, support," and there is refers to it as Muladhara chakra, base chakra, the center of the base. The areas are related and connected to it the coccyx, lower pelvis, adrenal glands, large intestine, bones, legs, feet. This chakra is connected to the planet Mercury (according to Hindu culture) and its central themes are survival, the contact with the earth, stability, trust, and economic security.

opening second Chakras

Second Chakra Svadhistana His name means "sweet", is also called sacral chakra, the sex center, and is located in the sacrum, the upper part of the sexual organs. Its color is orange, corresponding planet is Venus and its element is water. The deity is Vishnu and its related Rakini in nature its correspondences are the moonlight and flowing water, while animals that belong to it are as fish, sea life, the crocodile.

Come aprire terzo Chakra

Third Chakra Manipura His name means "jewel light", we refer to it as the third chakra, solar plexus, the color is yellow , and is located in the upper part of ' navel, stomach area between the first lumbar vertebra and the twelfth thoracic vertebra. Manipura is connected to the planet Mars, his Divinity are Lakini, Agni, Rudra, and its symbolic geometric shape is the triangle.

Come aprire quarto Chakra

Fourth Chakra Anahata Its name means "no hit, no damage," and is defined as the heart chakra, the center of the chest: the color is green, is located on the column of the thoracic vertebrae above the heart at the center of the chest. The deities are connected to it Isa, Kakini, planet is Jupiter, and the element is air. Its root symbol is the star of David, is the sense of touch, it affects the thymus gland, heart, lungs, circulation, blood, skin, hands, arms, upper back, the rib cage, the bronchi.

Come aprire quinto Chakra

Fifth Chakra Vishuddha His name means "to purify", and is also known as the fifth chakra, throat center, located in the column of the cervical vertebrae, precisely in the area of the larynx, the color is light blue , planet is Saturn, the Divinity Sakini, Sadashiva. The symbol is the circle, the animal related to it is the white elephant, its element is ether.

Come aprire sesto Chakra

Sixth Chakra Ajna His name means "knowing, perceiving," is also called the brow chakra, third eye, his color is navy blue or indigo, and is geometric symbol is a circle with two wings: is located the center of the forehead between the eyes above the eyebrows. The Divinity are Paramashiva, Hakini Shakti, his planet Uranus, while it has no element.

Come aprire settimo Chakra

Seventh Chakra Sahasrara His name means "a thousand times more, a thousand," is also called the crown chakra, the center of the crown of the head, Color is white or violet or gold, the symbol is the lotus, Neptune, the animal symbol is the serpent, the themes that interest him are the spirituality, the experience of the spiritual worlds, the spiritual force, the cosmic reunification, self realization, enlightenment.


How to Open the Chakras


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