Meditation with the Runes


Meditation with the runes requires some knowledge of them, for this choose the correct one if you want to intervene on their bad habits, but it uses also to learn more directly, how they act on our subconscious.

The basic meditation requires the usual initial procedures - quiet and peaceful place where meditate, if you want a little 'music is not punctuated by background, a little' grains of incense into whether you want, but not required, loose clothing and comfortable position depending on your tastes - you choose the rune you want to work with, and I'd recommend starting with the first, proceeding according to the "runic alphabet", so that all work with at least one a day for 6 months, starting each time from the start, once you reach the last rune.

Initially, they will have their eyes closed, trying to visualize the rune choice through the mind's eye, limiting, at least in principle, the observation with the repetition slow the name of the same. Meditation can last from 10 minutes to an hour at most, but it is not always better overdo it right away, especially for those not used, however, more recently, but that did well time but continued bad .. At the end of the meditation you annotate all sensations (physical, mental or emotional) try, thoughts entered into with the concentration, the inner changes that may check with the practice, in a diary: write down this practice is very important especially for those not accustomed to consciously notice what happens inside him / her, and with practice, sharpen the focus of the subject, improving self-control and intelligence, logical-magic in practice will become wiser, as it was anciently, acting only in the most correct and no more, or at least, to a lesser extent related wild instinct.

At the beginning of meditation always advise people to call, with infinite respect and humility, the help Odin and his inner soul - do not mix other deities or spiritual beings – for receive guidance and help in looking inward, repeating the acknowledgments at the end of meditation.


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