Gods of the Runes


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Gods of the Runes

The gods of ancient traditions, have been defamed and distorted by religious intolerance and historical ignorance, in fact, were not "worshiped" but honored and respected as emanations of the Great Spirit who created all, and not his opponents were perceived as intelligences that, although much more powerful of the human intellect, behaved likeness of men (just like the Greek or Latin).
Some believe that the gods were aliens from another galaxy, creatures part mortal and partly immortal. According to this theory, mental images of the gods would belonging to the genetic memory of the space travelers descended on Earth in prehistoric times and imprinted in the collective consciousness of humanity in those days.
That they were extraterrestrials or "god forms", the Norse gods were and are very strong irradiation power and energy fields, invoke it actually means evoking a powerful force empathically linked to the human race that will help us to change our being, if you have need to call for help to get the inspiration you invoke Odin, if you need strength and courage you will invoke Tyr, when we need to foster a relationship of love goddess Freya will be invoked, in other words, the invocation is a way to tap into a source and strengthen a quality that is already within the caller.
The spirits are not all benign, if you happen to get you into trouble with methods that instead make a possessed shaman, ask that your heart is filled with light and love, since evil spirits abhor the light and the power of love. "Some god" possess a quality of mind as products of the mind: in mythology Nordic gods live in a dimension called "Asgard", or realm of the gods (as I have explained in my paper on the description of the 9 worlds.
The Norse gods are divided into two groups: some are responsible for the expression (the sphere of mind and soul) and other processes of growth and development (the sphere of physical form): the two groups working together for the cultivation of the spirit.
If we do not consider them as demigods or "god forms" we see them as centers higher energy, this does not deprive them of their powers, but will help us to know them better through the expansion of consciousness.




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