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Today we have well over a million tests on the existence of UFOs and aliens, with testimonials, photographs, movies, documents, etc..
Practically there is more evidence of the existence of UFOs and aliens that proof of our existence, but remember that it only takes one to have proof of their existence ..

There are people who deny the evidence and find a thousand excuses, very often illogical, to discredit the argument that at the cost of making a fool idiot, they assert that they are inventions, mass hallucinations (all are junkies?! !) or the like, whereas if they were to say that he saw the Blessed Virgin Mary all should take care about and believe unconditionally: this is not a scientific behavior.

If a test is a test then what it represents is true, beyond those of the states first, of course, eliminating the false evidence, namely, those courses and demonstrated by these people who only wanted the fame.
All over the world continue to be unearthed artifacts and prints dating back to times when the man did not exist on Earth, and therefore must have been left there by aliens who were stopped for some reason in those sites on our planet. The authenticity of these findings is uncertain., Even though the disbelievers will shift much "evidence" contrary to these findings, but we move on.

The oldest fossilized human footprint was found in June 1968 by William J. Meister in Antelope Spring, Utah (USA). These are two human footprints dating back some 300 million to 600 million years. The footprints show separately the two forms of shoes, complete with heels. One of the two findings show conclusively found a shoe print crushing a trilobite, which were small marine invertebrate animals that roamed the earth millions of years from 600 to 280 million years ago. The shoe that crushed a trilobite was 10.5 inches long: the heel is slightly more than the sole, as a "human footprint shoes should be, and the trilobite is crushed by the heel of the shoe. In August 1968 Mr. Dean Bitter, discovered two other fossil footprints of shoes or sandals to Antelope Spring.

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No trilobite was present in this print, but a small trilobite was found near the same rock. If you think that according to official science the first appearance of modern mankind (Homo sapiens sapiens) dates back to 100,000 years ago, in southern Africa .....
In 1922 in Nevada were found ones that look like footprints fossilized in rock dating back to Triassic, ie 213 to 248 million years ago. In a shoe print is seen even in the form of stitching.

In 1885 he jumped out of an Austrian mine a strange metal cube, currently preserved in the museum at Salisbury. The carbon bed where he was found dates back to the Tertiary (70 to 12 million years ago). The "object, analyzed, it consisted of iron and carbon, with a small amount of nickel. He also was a cube with two opposite faces of the perfectly rounded.
In 1852 was found in Scotland a fragment of steel identical to the tip of a drill enclosed in a block of hard coal. The coal mine dates back to at least eleven million years ago.

Soviet scientists say that certain bones belonging to giant prehistoric Saurus were punctuated by explosive shells. In fact, the findings are characterized by fractures that do not admit other explanations, both for the way in which they occur, both for the position of the skeletons, and the nature of the surrounding terrain.
In 1974 in Romania, two kilometers east of Aiud, a group of men at work on the banks of the river Mures found three objects buried in the sand, into a deep ditch about 10 meters.
Two of these findings prove to be bones of the Mastodon, a few million years old, dating to a period between the Miocene (about 20 million years ago) and middle Pleistocene (about 1 million years ago).
The third object instead turns out to be a block of metal, very similar to the head of a large hammer. This question is posted, for a study, Archaeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca.

The scientific testing of this object have shown that this is a very ancient artificial object composed of an alloy metal extremely complex.
The student Gheorghita found that the alloy is composed of 12 different elements, of which aluminum is present with the larger amount (89%).
Scientific studies of the exhibit, including the study of oxidation of the find, and have found it next to the remains of prehistoric animals leads to the belief that a few million years old. In particular, the presence of a layer consisting of aluminum oxide suggests that the finding scientifically dates back to ancient times. Any type of study has revealed his findings on the artificial nature and ancient, which however is already quite evident from his appearance, from the holes on the specimen and the aluminum alloy with which it is composed. Just think that aluminum is not found free in nature, but combined in certain minerals and only 100 years ago and was put in place the necessary technique to his work.

The studies on the findings have shown early on the fact that it was part of a mechanism, which in its upper part there must be a rod of circular shape.
Taking into account the analysis of all the distinctive object, scientists have found that the specimen was a sort of device landing of a flying vehicle, of reduced dimensions, such as lunar modules or the probe Viking. As evidence of this, there would be both the shape of the object, both the two oval holes, both the scratches on the bottom and at the corners, as well as the composition of the material, namely aluminum light. In essence, the finding appears to be the foot of a leg mechanical landing of a flying object.
Surely this belongs to a metal foot of the various alien ships that visit distant times and work on our planet, and this is just one of many complex artificial objects that were found today.

The skull of a prehistoric bison exhibited at the Museum of Paleontology in Moscow, was found west of the Lena River in Yakutia Autonomous Socialist Republic, and has a circular hole on the face that only a bullet of a gun could cause. It is a wound as old as the bison, as the process of recalcification in place at its edges mean that the skull has been fired recently, and confirms that the prehistoric bison survived the shooting.
A Neanderthal skull (which came to light near Broken Hill in Rohodesia) shows the hole "entrance and exit of a bullet.

In 1881 the geologist H. Stopes found a conch shell carved with human face rough, but recognizable, engraved on the outer surface. This shell is part of the Red Crag formation in England, the Pliocene, which dates back to over two million years.
Cave paintings in Australia beings with diving suits, with tunics, helmets, which shows only the eyes, with gloves and black shoes.
In the history of Phoenician Sanconiatone Berite, mentioned an aircraft is elongated and narrow (snake) with the propellers.
Ancient peoples evolved enough as the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all meticulously jotted down the events that happened and among these there are many reports regarding actual sightings of alien craft, mostly cigar-shaped, spherical or disc-shaped, described as pillars of fire , luminous clouds, fireballs, and so on, that flew over and compievano maneuvers of ancient cities. The most interesting thing is that many famous historians of antiquity reported such sightings.
Some Coptic terracotta figurines dating from the seventh century AD, shows the recognizable alien Greys.

The Egyptians mention a shiny spaceship tubular (large serpent), 30 ells long and 8 wide, that landed along the side of a mountain.
Ramses II used in the war a "weapon given to him by an alien god (Amon), with which wiped out thousands of enemies alone and without any protection, just as was done previously for the pharaoh Thutmose III at the Battle of Armageddon.
In 329 BC the army of Alexander the Great was "attacked" by two flying silvery shields, which surprised the "greek army while crossing the river Jaxartes, India.
Roman Empire were often seen UFOs in the sky, but also land and depart, and were classified primarily as golden beams of fire, fiery shields, flaming torches, the golden globes.
Cicero speaks of globes in the sky in his "De divinatione", in Chapter 43, talks about when "... the sun shone in the night, with great noise in the sky and the sky seemed to explode and there appeared ... amazing ball."

The Roman historian Livy, in his "History of Rome", reports the experiences of circular-shaped objects flying in the sky shields and had been seen over many cities of the empire, adding that the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilio, staff witnessed the fall from the sky of one of these "flying shields" and that he had counted among the objects of worship of religious practices that he was promoting.
The Roman scientist Pliny the Elder, in "Histories Naturales", in chapters 25 and 36, tells of "Clipeus Ardens" seen darting across the sky of ancient Rome. Also reported sightings in the sky lights, torches, and beam steering wheels of cars flying the same as those that appeared in ancient Greece. more specifically, he classifies UFO torches, lamps and flying fireballs, beams and flying.

Julius Obsequens speaks of sightings (day and night) on "Shield of Fire," "torches", "alone," many moons "," light wheel "etc.., Appeared on Rome and other places. From" De Prodigiis " The design of two Suns that appeared on Alba in 204 BC..
In his treatise on natural sciences, Seneca says, with many observations of unexplained "light beams" that appeared suddenly in the skies of ancient cities. The "beams" remained motionless for days, and then disappear suddenly as they arrived.
The Dead Sea Scrolls dating from the first century BC speak of men who came from heaven on Earth and other men who were taken from Earth and taken to heaven.
In 91 BC in Palestine there is a UFO with its shower of silicon cotton. For more information see the case of 1954 in Italy, where the silicon cotton was officially collected and analyzed.


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