The nine worlds


Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology

The nine worlds mentioned in the runic tradition I will describe them briefly in the following paper, hoping to please those interested in the topic.

The first world is made up of Niflheim and Helheim, the Kingdom of Heaven and Death: Niflheim is an expanse of ice, snow and ice fog whipped by winds, hail, sleet and storm, and is composed of two regions, the Niflheim real (the land of mists) and Helgardh or Helheim, the realm of the dead or underworld, ruled by Hel, queen of the dead.
Niflheim is the realm of fog and mist, a hostile place ruled by the serpent devouring Nidhoggr of evil dead and drink blood, aided by other snakes the Dragon CosmicoNidhoggr aims completely devour the three main roots dell'Yggdrasil to bring it down and unleash Ragnarok.
This place represents the lower unconscious, the realm of the Shadow, dark and gloomy place, where they hide on the personal instincts and drives removed and for this very dangerous and threatening, is a place of total unawareness of good and evil, indifference, sloth, dullness of mind, pain, blind and deaf, the lack of will, the coldness, it is also where we meet our ancestors and reconnect to our roots, making a deep healing of our family tree.

The second world is the Kingdom of the Dark Elves, or Svartalfar, freaks and terrible that inhabit the darkest caverns between Midgard and Helheim: we are in the underground of our unconscious, where we continue to deal with monsters and demons lurk within us and plot against us to prevent us from realizing our projects brighter.
Ruled by Modsognir, also called the Apathetic to access this level should have learned in depth shamanic art, possessing the ability to morph and change shape to be in contact with the animal guides, knowing follow ilo waking dream, to know the secret of healing and be able to fight with all the weapons of magic seidr.

The third kingdom is Jotunheim, the Kingdom of the Ice Giants, home of the Giants of the storms, ice and mountains, the well of Mimir is located in this region just below the roots of Yggdrasil, which was founded in the second level of the universe.
This kingdom is ruled by Thrym, King of the Ice Giants, and it is also the stronghold of Utgard, the main town of the Giants ruled by Utgardloki, maestyro of magic and illusion: the Kingdom of the Giants is the mopndo of raw male power and corrupt, the realm of the instincts of preservation and brute force, selfishness, subservient to the power and reason of state.
Free to cross this kingdom must have opened their hearts and have centered through meditation and practice of a spiritual path.

The fourth is the kingdom of Fire Giants, or Muspellheim, the Giant Surtr inhabits these places, made of magma, lava, fire and molten rock, and where the whole race of Giants is animated by combative and destructive instincts out of the ordinary.
Here lodge the uncontrollable and violent passions, anger, rage, lust, jealousy, possessiveness, hatred, envy, revenge, the only way out is the winner of processing capacity, the gift to be conquered is the liberation from the passions and attachments.

The fifth is the kingdom of our Midgard, which we call reality, surrounded by a huge ocean, which rotates in the gigantic snake in the world, Jormungandr, so great that it must eat its tail, at the same level of Midgard is Jothumheim land East of the Giants, and Nidavellir, land of the dwarves site to the west of the human lands, while the Rainbow Bridge connects the middle ground with the Asgard. And 'the size of the ego-consciousness of the ego as an intermediary between the world of instincts, Es, and the spirit world, the Self, the polarity of the separation, is the world of illusion, of what seems but it is not: to proceed towards the upper world must overcome the attraction to earthly pleasures, and navigate the worlds of polarity hot-cold and male-female.

The Sixth United Nidavellir is the kingdom of the Dwarfs, with great strength and great skill, the dwarves live and work in the underground mines, are holders of magic, metal work and stones, alchemically transforming raw material into precious materials and refined.
Symbolically represents the middle unconscious or subconscious, the place where the psyche through work on oneself and meditation emerged the contents of the unconscious and are subliminati, processed and understood.

The seventh is the reign of the Vanes, Vanheim, a place of pristine wilderness in which they live and the Vanes, ruled by Freyr and Freya, a true paradise on earth, with a vast ocean and a huge continent populated by countless beings animals and plants .
This is the kingdom where we might be tempted to remain so is peace and harmony, but must find the strength to continue the journey, not to yield to the allurements of the senses.

Then comes the eighth the Kingdom of the Elves Chiari Ljossalfheim, characterized by many bucolic landscapes, full of peace and serenity where dwells also the mythical smith Volund elvish smiths who, together with dwarves Brokk and Sindri created the most powerful elven artifacts.
This kingdom is the most sublime symbol of mental activities, art and creativity, intuition and clairvoyance, meditation and spiritual practices, and then gifts to be won in this reign is the rune Sowelo, the power of the sun .

Finally we find Asgard, the ninth kingdom, the Kingdom of Asi, home of the Aesir, and Odin Asgard is an island that rises in the midst of a seething mass of dark water and Hvergelmir derived from flowing to the first layer Yggdrasil by Niflheim .
As the home of this is the place of the highest spiritual ambitions of the self, inspiration, honor, sacrifice, is a realm of pure spirit in which to dwell for eternity and enjoy the ultimate realization of the Transcendental Self.


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