UFOs In Renaissance


Aliens In Renaissance

Benvenuto Cellini speaks of a beam of fire that shines over Florence.

In 1500 Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake by the Inquisition because he dared to believe that there were other inhabited worlds as a result of sightings of flying vehicles evidently guided by beings not of this world.
Even in the Renaissance paintings show different types of UFOs, mainly incorporated into paintings related to religious subjects because it was believed that UFOs were divine manifestations. It should be noted that the UFO represented are mostly disc-shaped.
In 1520 we read from the Chronicle of prodigious events of Conrad Licostene a blazing beam of horrendous magnitude was seen in the sky, and the time it was closer to the earth, coming down, burned many things! So back to the top took a circular shape.
Appear some unique flying saucers in the sky in a tapestry called "The Triumph of" summer "created in Bruges in 1538

In 1544 came a major UFO event, as one learns from a chronicle of the famous collection wickiana Bibblioteca central Zurich. "In the year 1544 - according to this account - signs were seen on the Sun and the Moon, for what frightened people began to fear that God would punish the earth for their sins.
The appearance of the wonderful signs in the heavens was preceded by an earthquake. Again in 1544, the fourth day of May, between four and five at night, many farmers in the villages of the area Phorzhaim (Germany) observed a "star" with a long tail, as big as a stone mill, emitting sparks.
Again according to witnesses, a part of the star (literally interpreted as a dragon) sank in the river making the water boil, then came up with this terrible voice, and after a short flight, landed in a field by burning the soil. Finally it is fledging in the sky going to meet with a big star, after which they disappeared together. "

14/4/1561 The sky in the city of Nuremberg appeared numerous cylindrical objects that they stood at the top. Soon after, the inside of the cylindrical objects came many other objects, shaped like a sphere and disk, which began to be maneuvered in the sky visible to all the locals (the event resonated around the world) and were described in detail in the chronicles of the time. Of great importance is the description of large cylinders flying stationed motionless in the sky and from which flowed out of the balls that were flying at great speed.

7/8/1566 The black spheres were seen to pass across the Sun The same phenomenon occurred the same year on Basel (Switzerland), where many objects appeared spherical in shape and color of light and dark. The objects were engaged in a sort of aerial combat, before the inhabitants of the city, with an eye to the sky, watching the scene. After performing incredible aerial maneuvers, fire balls turned red and disappeared. There is a clear representation of the event period.
Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) in his autobiography describes the strange phenomenon of which he witnessed himself with one of his traveling companion. The two were returning from Rome, on horseback, to Florence, when they came over a hill from which you could see the city. So they could see a huge "light beam" standing out in the sky above Florence.
In 1571, the Battle of Lepanto in a night sky appeared a giant gleaming column that began to observe the battle.
In 1619 Fluelen, Switzerland, a huge and long fiery object was seen, while flying over a lake, by the prefect Christopher Schere.
In 1650 the astronomer Hevelius detected a momentary red light emission in the lunar crater Aristarchus. Later this crater were always seen by many observers stains greenish, violet, reddish or bluish.

In 1660 there was a sighting made by two French ships in the North Sea of an object moving slowly across the sky. It seems to be made by two disks of different sizes. The record of this event is done in a book entitled "Theatrum Orbis Terrarum" Admiral Blaeu.
In 1661 huge flaming objects were sighted in Worcester, England.
On 15/8/1663 at Roboziero (Russia), a solid ball of flaming and 45 meters with two antennas, hovered in the air, sank in the lake and then came out carrying out maneuvers on the lake.
On November 4, 1697, there were the "two UFO sighting over Hamburg, Germany The objects were described as" Incandescent Wheels "and there is also an illustration of the period that depicts them.
Hundreds of thousands of UFO sightings, seen as dragons and pearls, were made in China and Japan.

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