Alleged Alien Races


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Alleged Alien Races

In the story of the abduction and encounters with alien beings or humanoids in the history of ufology, there are, as reported by the various reports of the various police and military who are interested in the subject, lists of different types of beings who should represent various civilizations do not belong to the human, who were either vengoino still in touch with people on our planet.
The list presented below does not represent the true variety of aliens existing but only what has been reported in the documents open to the public, so do not give too high a truth to what we present here, but I'll post for the record, just to the fact that the only alien entities of which we are more or less safe, belong only to three species or the alien gray, aliens and high energy blond who have a different origin in order to be absolutely certain.
In the course of past ages, the stories that we read tell us that not all beings from other worlds have the same intentions or inclinations towards our race, but often proved to be too negative to safety, that the respect for life of mankind, even if so far they never had attitudes conquerors because if a race like them should want the planet, it would have already taken without problems, since the scientific divide that distances us: even among them there are conflicts, just like it does for our civilization, some are totally indifferent to us, and if we only dare to approach them might decide that our life has no longer any reason to continue.
But we begin to make the necessary distinctions between their hypothetical races:

         Genetically modified human: many stories of abductees confirm their existence, as evidenced by the analysis of the hair of these subjects, as was the case in 1998 where they were put in question the exhibits consist of hair fall by alien beings who put into action against kidnapping of a certain Peter Khoury, showing an abnormal DNA that had been built to allow for greater resistance to bacteria and viruses and diseases, highlighting the existence of pairs of DNA Sino-Mongoloid and even Basque-Gaelic quest ' last to the root of the hair in question.
In subsequent studies we come to assert that only through genetic manipulation, and not merely the sexual pair, you could generate these genetic abnormalities, confirming the version of the adduct, who agreed to undergo regressive hypnosis.

grey alien UFO


         Gray also called EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities from) their descriptions have now reached a level of accuracy that would dwarf a policeman, being the type that occurs most often during close encounters, it also says they come from a gaming solar three light years from us, with a central star and the smallest of our nine planets, with three of them inhabited.
This humanoid race has an aspect that seems gentle and quiet but on many occasions have proven to be not very "good" against kidnapped, using often cruel medical forms, showing total disregard for their "guinea pigs": they an average height of five feet-four feet, skull coin very large compared to the body and very big eyes, no lips and eyebrows, the nose is not very pronounced and do not have ears.
The arms are longer than the legs, have four fingers long and slender, small feet, narrow, have no hair on any part of the body, and the skin is gray (hence the reputation) pale because of silicon on which based their life, smooth and delicate.
They have a DNA which is based, as I said before, the silicon but also of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon, where the human being has the phosphorus instead of silicon.
The Greys communicate telepathically, they have an intelligence far superior to ours, even compared to our scientists, their civilization and their technological level are very high compared to ours, which can also distort space and time at will, and do things like go through solid objects and travel at speeds much higher than those of light (actually circumvent the speed of light deforming space).
Their structure silica-based allows it to connect directly with their instruments and flight of study and this means that their maneuvers to reach the reaction rate is not comparable to that of a man too well trained.
The main purpose of the Greys has found new colonies where it is possible for intelligent life in the universe, driving the evolution of animals humanoids created ad hoc from them because then they cross at the DNA level to give birth to a new species that can live in mixed on this planet, replacing the current civilization: there are other variations of this alien species as they change in relation to the living conditions of the planets where they land.


mantis humanoid alien UFO


         The Mantis, someone asserts that there can be no intelligent alien species with insectoid form comparable to mantids, but I can not understand that if the conditions of existence here on earth had been different, maybe they could develop even here the civilization resembling insects or other species.
Are supposed to be instead, a different version but still relevant to only gray and high thread-like appearance, perhaps with mental distortions convince abductees to have another form, you are not quite sure, however, are not at all friendly or good with humans .


reptilian humanoid alien UFO


         Reptiloid: there is no reliable evidence clear about this other species, but it seems to be a warrior race around three meters high, more or less, which is expected to come from the constellation Draco, with scaly skin, eyes oval yellow -green with a star pupil.
They want to conquer the land and would be interested in joining collide with each other humans to make sure that you eliminate yourself: there are assumptions that say that this breed and grays act agree to abduct humans to be used for various experiments or even (in the case of reptilian) for food, and for this purpose would close pacts with some levels of government both U.S. and Russian.

         The Nordics: would be derived from mental distortions and hypnotic techniques implemented by other alien species to reassure kidnapped during exams.

         The Blue: would a warrior race but would have tried to warn the U.S. government not to deal with the Grays but without any positive results.
Would a human shape, a pointed chin, thin lips, dark skin and translucent, almond-shaped eyes, perhaps from the Star Sirius or Rigel.

         Race unspecified, in human form, which comes from the Pleiades, the planets are called by their Ummo and Altair 4 and 5.

         Multidimensional beings do not have a physical body but are made up of pure energy, with a consciousness of itself, is supposed to come from other dimensions and that sometimes assumanbo human form, often mistaken for ghosts present themselves as a very advanced form of the soul .

         Scientists aliens: there is an alien species that studies both the human and the species that inhabit this planet, with particular interest in the development of space and military projects that generate, as if they were afraid that the man could become dangerous for other species of alien space.

There are also cases that are not directly with the various alien races intelligent but that could be useful to appoint more for the record:

The creature Salinas

This is the documented case of a creature of 30 cm with a very large skull that was found dead in a hill behind Camp Santiago (Salinas, Puerto Rico), having a large head relative to the body, almond-shaped eyes large and hollow, a small nose with two nostrils, mouth without lips, orifices in place of ears, long arms, shiny skin and greenish color.

Beings of Chihuahua


Starchild humanoid alien skull UFO


Were recently discovered two skulls belonged to a woman and a child Amerindian not human, that from the research turn out to be what remains of two skeletons unearthed about 65 years ago in a cave located south of Chihuahua, the state of Chihauhau (Mexico). The skeletons were scattered by a storm that flooded their tomb, thus marking the skulls, which were found by locals and then ended up in the hands of the researcher Lloyd Pye. The skull of the child is not human, has the channels of the optic nerve completely different from those of humans, has not the paranasal sinus, has the shape of the skull enlarged and flattened, has not the temples, has the hole under the skull moved forward in so that the head abnormal can find the center of balance on the neck.
Studies appears to be a humanoid creature not of this earth or a hybrid alien who has been renamed as "Starchild".

The fair beings absurd

In the Black Sea about twenty meters underground in the cave of Movile, there is an ecosystem of small monsters that live in the darkness of an environment saturated with hydrogen sulfide. There are at least 33 and other unknown forms of life evolved in an unusual way (ecosystem Movile). Could result from contamination by alien organisms.

The Rods

They usually live in caves or cavities often, even though they often come out and fly around the people close to their caves, however, their presence has been documented in areas where there were caves or cavities, or even have been filmed in shares high even outside the Earth's stratosphere while moving at incredible speeds.
The Rods have long bodies presumably thin cylindrical with the sides of the membranes that appear to the species of legs, the number of which depends on the size of the Rods, with a length of about sixteen centimeters: they appear in color apparently bright white and the undulating movement of the fast lateral membrane allows it to fly fast.
The shooting of Rods show no doubt that they are intelligent beings, we also managed to catch them as they flew at high speed with quick changes in direction to avoid human beings on their path such as is seen in the footage made at Sima de las Golondrinas (Mexico). They fly so fast that just slowing down the images of movies you can see them.
Despite the amount of photos and videos on their existing science still refuses to acknowledge their existence, even though they are totally different from any other form of life that exists on our planet.

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