UFO sightings in the Middle Ages


Aliens sightings in the Middle Ages

In 500 A.D. Hereford (Great Britain) a fiery beam landed and drove off. In 583 St. Gregory of Tours in France sees a bright globe.

At the time of Charlemagne, which describes events that took on board spaceships some inhabitants of Earth to show them the ways of life of the people in heaven.
In the year 776 a flying object was sighted during the siege of the Castle Sigiburg, France. The Saxons, surrounded and besieged the French. They were fighting when suddenly a group of disks (UFOs?) (Flaming shields) appeared flying over the roof of the church. What appeared to the Saxons, as if the French were protected by these objects, and then fled retreating. There are two illustrations of the incident on a twelfth-century manuscript "Annales Laurissenses" (books of historical and religious events).

The objects depicted in the sky are real ships complete with portholes on the sides.
Appeared in 793 in Northumbria and exceptional glow red dragons flying in the air.
Appeared in England in 796 small globes circling around the sun.
In the eighth century A.D. in the history of the Lombards we read a column that appeared very bright in a vertical position relative to Earth, which burned a lot of things coming down and then went up again into heaven where he changed his position.
In 839 the annals of Judah that for a few nights of the city were flown over from the fiery star-shaped objects.
In 842 there was a sighting of a UFO above the French city of Angers. There is also an illustration that shows the sighting of the time.
In Japan there was a 900 on the sighting of a "wheel of fire". There is also an illustration of the time of this event.
In the ninth century, the archbishop of Lyon Agobard received numerous complaints from his followers on the fact that the region was infested with sailors who disembarked from the celestial clouds and plundered orchards and wheat fields.

From the "Liber Chronicorum" says a chronicle reported in a rare book printed in 1493, which contains one of the first graphical representations of UFOs in Europe.
Hartmann Schedel, author of "Liber Chronicorum" (the Book of Chronicles), describes a fireball, seen in 1034, rushing across the sky in a straight line from south to east and then headed toward the rising sun. The illustration accompanying the account shows a cigar-shaped body surrounded by flames, which proceeds in a sky blue over green hills.

During the Sung Dynasty, 960-1127 AD, a scholar named Shen Kuo in his work tells of an object "as bright as a pearl", which moved "as if flying" on the surface of a lake in Yangzhou, in central province East of Jiangtsu. According to Shen Kuo, the mysterious object was seen so frequently as to become a feature of the religion from a distance appeared the size of a fist, and gave off "a silvery light that illuminated the surrounding area for approximately 5 km. In this chronicle also , is specified as a flying object that seemed to grow and open times in 2 hemispheres and how his regular appearances had lasted for ten years.
In 1147 Nice was observed by a cross on the lunar disk.
In the thirteenth century, an air vehicle was stuck with an appendage in a mound of an English city. The alien astronaut who was intent on freeing the ship was overtaken by a crowd of locals and was killed.
In 1217 three crosses flying floated in the sky of Nice.
The 1/1/1254, a historical chronicle tells us the sighting of a strange object.

Some nuns of the abbey of Sourin-Albans (Middlesex, GB) observed, around midnight, a kind of large vessel elegant shapes and attractive, a wonderful color, with clear skies and good weather. The religious beheld the vessel for a long time before it disappears. In the same year, in the sky of Paris, many witnesses saw - at midnight - an object such as a large vessel, high in the cloudless sky, where he remained for a long time visible before disappearing slowly.
In 1290, a huge silver-colored circular object flew slowly Amplefort Benedictine Abbey, in England, under the eyes of the terrified monks who interrupted their prayers in the chapel already started to rush to see the miracle.

From 1300 to begin to be reported in the paintings some UFO sightings. This fact can be seen in paintings by various artists of the era that depict various UFO in the skies of their paintings. The paintings of the period in which there are recognizable UFOs are many and various artists such as Filippo Lippi, Masolino from Panipat, Paolo Uccello, and so on.
"Cross Light" seen by Dino Fellow in 1301 above the Palazzo dei Priori in Florence and reported in the "Dino Companions: Chronicle of the things necessary or his times" (as in other ancient events of the same gender). Here is the text of the original Companions: "In the evening you appear 'in the sky a wonderful sign of the cross, which was a crimson above the Palazzo dei Priori (in Florence), was his list (ie, the apparent length of the two segments forming the structure) wide more than palms one and a half (corresponding to approximately 45 meters) and 'the line length (the length of the two components the cross segments) was arms 20, (corresponding to 1168 m. approximately); which lasted for so long , as a horse to run two penasse haranguing (15-20 m.). To the people who saw it, and I clearly saw that we were able to understand that God was very angry against our city. "

In 1338 France was the sighting of a huge spherical UFO. An image of the event is present in the French book "Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs" by Jacques Legrand.
Lychostene Conrad, in his book "Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicle", printed in Basel in the year 1557, he describes sightings of strange objects flying in the skies in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In addition to Greek and Christian crosses, in the book describes the passage in the sky of Arabia, in the year 1479, an object called "timber."
Alongside the news is also printed the design of this "beam", identical to a modern missile.
In 1487 appeared three boats flying to Forli. Taken from the "Chronicles Forlivesi" Leone Cobelli: "In the year 1487, in July, appeared at night time and with clear skies above the bell three spears of the Friars Preachers of Forli" and some saw the good friars, the spears, then , they made true Faenza. The next morning the news was given to all the people, those spears, according to the friars, had the shape of an arrow.

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