UFO sightings during the first years of the '900


UFO sightings during the first years of the '900

On 14/2/1900 a picnic at Hanging Rock to four girls and their math teacher disappear into thin air. The four girls hear sound arcane, the hands will stop at noon and are mysteriously attracted to the summit of Mt. However one of the girls can not make it to rise because of his corpulence and the fear caused by that strange things were happening (unusual shapes, sounds and visions of heaven), strange things that did go back and screaming in shock.

The girl reported that the "last thing he saw was that the three friends were advancing barefoot in a state of ecstasy, slipping on the rocks towards an enigmatic object.
Only one of three girls will be found a week later, completely devoid of memory, and with strange marks on her. Even their math teacher (who went looking) disappeared into thin air. Many witnesses reported having seen strange lights and strange clouds before and after the disappearance of the girls. About the whole thing was also made a film.

In the first half of "900, Karl Muller decided to compile a list of 174 well-lunar enigmas, which was continued and enlarged by H. Gramatsky. Another list was compiled by the astronomer Percy Wilkins.
A detailed account of many UFO sightings in "Antiquities was published in 1900 by Charles Fort in the USA.
April 4, 1901, the Persian Gulf. Wheels light running can be sighted from the ship at the surface Kilwa.
May 10, 1902, South Devon. A large number of colored objects, like "little suns", marked by a certain Colonel Markwick.
February 24, 1904: Supply the ship sighted three luminous disks, four times bigger than the Sun fly in perfect formation, the first under some clouds, whose altitude is calculated at about fifteen hundred meters. Later they raise, they enter the cloud layer, and disappear.
September 2, 1905 Llangollen, North Wales. Very dark object flying at a height of about three kilometers. March 29. Cardiff, Wales. A vertical tube of light appears in the sky, "like a red-hot iron bar until it assumes a bright orange ', say witnesses.
04/01/1905, Cherbourg, France. A luminous disk, halo, seen over the city for several consecutive nights.
01/02/1902, The Daily Mail reports that a luminous disk was sighted on Wales remained poised motionless for some time and then walked away.
11/2/1905, Delaware (England), a local farmer a UFO sighting in the sky shaped like a triangle, which crosses the sky and disappears within about 10 seconds. This event is documented and the UFO sighting is similar to the triangular UFO photographed over the past decades.
June 2, 1906, Gulf of Oman. Swirling rays of light seen on the water, near a ship, as reported by a Mr. Carnegie of Blackheath, Kent.
March 14, 1907, the Straits of Malacca. "Rays that seem to move around a center like the spokes of a wheel ... about three hundred meters long, 'says the crew of the ship Orient.
July 2, 1906, Burlington, Vermont. An immense dark torpedo hovers over the city. From the holes along the sides launches languages of flames and sparks. At first it seems stationary on College and Church Street, then follows a strong backlash. The flames come alive, and the object moves away. You saw a small luminous disk that is separated from the mother ship and disappears.

In 1907, Guglielmo Marconi made the sweat sound of unexplained phenomena of non-human but intelligent character, to the point of concluding that this would be an attempt by aliens to make contact with earthlings. Evidently Marconi had easily found a channel of communication that the aliens were on Earth, in fact, given that the radio was in its infancy certainly the aliens were not taking any precaution to avoid being tracked down in communications. For this reason Mussolini wanted Marconi to chair the research group of aliens formed in 1933.
In 1908, a luminous spherical UFO was seen flying over Bridgewater (Massachusetts).
In 1908 in Siberia explodes in the air what could be a spaceship or alien weapon with effects equal to those of an atomic bomb.
01/05/1908, Vittel, France. A luminous disk, size of the Moon, appears in the sky. It is surrounded by a halo in the form of a band. After some time, through the disc appears, obliquely, a black stripe.
March 17, 1908, Peterborough, England. A noisy object, equipped with lights, flying over the city. There is a report of the Police.
May 18, 1909, Caerphilly, Wales. A man of Cardiff, of course Lithbridge, said that while he was walking in the mountains, came upon a large cylindrical building on the edge of a lonely road. Inside the building he saw two strange looking men, wearing clothing similar to fur. Seeing him, the two have made excited chatter in a foreign language. After a moment, the car is lifted into the air and flew away. He had wings and made very little noise. In the place indicated by him is found a depression in the grass: it is the first report, in this century, which speaks of landing one of these objects.

June 10, 1909, the Straits of Malacca. A wheel rotating light sighted over the waters.
September 8, 1909, a bright object across New England (USA) with a great noise of machinery.
October 31, 1909, bright rays descend from heaven above Bridgewater, New England, then go back.
December 20, 1909, Bright object seen over Boston, Massachusetts.
December 23, 1909, the same object is seen over Worcester, Massachusetts always "sweep the heavens with a reflector of enormous power." Return two hours later, and thousands of people see it. Hovered briefly, turns south, then east, the sea.
December 24, 1909, the same object back to Boston. Numerous reports are made.
December 24, 1909, Limerick, Ireland. Luminous disk seen over the horizon to the north-east: it moves slowly south, then turns around and goes in the opposite direction. Visible for thirty minutes.
December 31, 1909, Huntingdon, West Virginia. Three huge luminous disks of equal size appear in the sky, early morning.
In 1909 many unknown flying objects are seen in the U.S. and New Zealand.

August 12, 1910. South China Sea. The Dutch Steam Valentijn: "A horizontal wheel, light, turning quickly to just above the water."
January 13, 1910, Chattanooga, Tennessee. "For the third consecutive day, a mysterious white airship flew over Chattanooga today around noon. Came from the north and headed south-east ... Wednesday came from the south, and on Thursday has returned to the north. " The longest flight of an airship crash at that time was the one from St. Cyr to the Eiffel Tower: a journey of a few kilometers.
In 1911 he observed on the Martian surface of white-blue flashing lights, which were interpreted as signals called.
January 27, 1912, a certain Dr. Harris observed a dark object, shaped like a bird, soaring against the moon: the length is calculated at about 400 km at least.
March 6, 1912, Warmley, near Bristol, England. An object "beautifully lit" heads towards Gloucester. "Great! , "" Like a thunderbolt with three points, "say the audience stunned.
April 8, 1912, Tisbury, Wiltshire, England. Clouds moving rapidly. Two dark shadows, standing above the clouds. The clouds pass over, but the two dark spots remain for about half an hour.
In 1913 thousands of people in Canada and the USA saw squadrons of moving lights in the sky to make changes.
January 4, 1913, Dover, England. "Airship" unknown, with lights.
January 17, 1913, Cardiff, Wales. Huge airship that leaves a thick trail of smoke is seen by the Chief of Police of Glamorganshire.
January 24, 1913, Totterdown, near Bristol. Bright lights coming down precipitously from the sky, and light the distant hills.
January 31, 1913, air hose with moving lights spotted in different areas of South Wales
January 28, 1913, is illuminated airship sighted over Liverpool.
August 13, 1914, the day before the outbreak of the Great War, bell-shaped objects are seen above Elstree, Hertshire.
October 10, 1914, a black torpedo is reported that the Sun crosses the boundaries has "extraordinarily sharp." Surrounded by a halo "like a ship raises waves of white foam."

July 31, 1915, Ballinasloe, Ireland. A huge luminous body moves towards the north-west, remains stationary for forty-five minutes, then goes away: disappear permanently five hours after its appearance.
July 19, 1915, Luminous disk seen as it passes through the Moon.
On 13 October 1917 in Fatima (Portugal), more than 50,000 people (who were watching the famous apparition of Our Lady) descend from the clouds they saw a huge silver disc in the sky that was moving along a spiral path. The object gave off heat to the point that the ground is wet from rain wiped. After a few minutes, the disc went up into the sky and disappeared into the sun heading for the event had global significance and represents one of the most popular Marian phenomena.
Also in 1917, and always at Fatima, hundreds of thousands of people attend repeatedly in glowing balls that dance in the sky beneath the clouds, tracing trajectories apparently irregular and placed among the observers on the ground and the sun in the sky. This phenomenon, related to Marian apparitions become known as the "Miracle of the Sun". In the same year, during a "miracle of the Sun," brought down the flying objects called filaments silicon cotton or angel hair, as will happen in the century during massive UFO events.

1923, North Carolina. During the last three years, there were reports of luminous spheres or discs that appear from time to time, proceed in training, or alone, near the Brown Mountains. There was a stir and 'official inquiry came to nothing.
In the spring of 1921 Guglielmo Marconi (the "inventor of radio) while he was conducting experiments in the Mediterranean revealed the presence of unknown regular waves. By diverting the signal in the meter proved to be so long, over 30 km, and at that time the maximum length of those waves was 14 km. It was a persistent unknown code, which was captured in 1901 by the rudimentary tools of the scientist Nicola Tesla in a period when the radio did not exist.
It was noticed that the phenomenon is repeated periodically almost every year and so, to identify the source of signals, Guglielmo Marconi had them recorded simultaneously in the Mediterranean and South America, realizing that the signal was stronger when Mars was closest to Earth.

He realized then, international cooperation for a global listening test organized by prof. David Todd (Professor of Astronomy IST. Amherst). He asked and obtained permission for all countries with high-power broadcast stations shut broadcasts for five minutes every hour from 23.50 in the 21/8 at 13.50 in the 23/8, when Mars was at its minimum distance from Earth . For the "special occasion was also used a radio-recorder fotomessaggi, developed by prof. Francis Jenkins, a scientist from Washington. The instrument was connected to a receiver set to a wavelength of six thousand meters. When the recorded material (film) was developed, first revealed a regular succession of points and lines and the other at intervals of about half an hour, had been engraved figures in the shape of human face. Currently the film is at the radio division of the Bureau of Standards, and has not yet been interpreted (at least officially).
Between 1924 and 1928 the Russians, through their plays, they became convinced that a radio signal from Jupiter came into a narrow band. Some strange effects that occurred were examined: the radio echoes were delayed output, something unexplainable in natural terms, it was clear that the signals were reflected.
Balthasar van der Pol, Dutch scholar and Carl Stoermer, the Norwegian expert, sent in October of 1928, new signals involving the transmission of the letter "S" of the Morse Code, consisting of three points. The radio recorded a sequence of echoes with delays on the same frequency in seconds that expressed the following figures: 8,11,15,8,13,3,8,8,8,12,15,13,8,8. No one was able to decipher the "any message, but were persuaded to come from a probe placed in our system, probably near the Moon.

In 1973, Duncan Lunan, Scottish astronomer and researcher, suspecting that the echoes were intentionally delayed, studied them and drew a diagram, with the result that suggested the existence of an alien probe around the moon, waiting for an answer to continue contact, from 11,000 BC Logically, it is clear that someone has since 1973 been taken and secretly established a few contacts (probably the U.S.). From totally authentic documents show that in 1933 in Italy there were a spate of sightings of alien spacecraft that took the fascist government to take an interest in the phenomenon and to instruct the scholars to study it.
In June of 1933 in Lombardy an alien craft landed or crashed. Of the matter, he took directly the Duce who established a secret group of research on alien vehicles. In fact the event he took a research group on alien vehicles RS/33 said that he had in OVRA (The Fascist secret police), his right arm, and was chaired by Guglielmo Marconi. In addition to recovered alien technology in 1933, the research team also collected a lot of documentation on UFOs, including pictures and movies. All these events have proven to be exceptional authentic documents dating back tracked until 1996. Other material was disappeared after the Second World War and the witnesses were silenced. Were found also plans for a flying saucer made by a person who worked for Mussolini, probably following studies on the recovered flying saucer in 1933.

The study of alien technology recovered in 1933, Guglielmo Marconi and his secret weapon in later years known as the "death ray", which had the ability to stop the operation of any motor vehicle and any electrical equipment. Marconi's secret experiments for which there is historical record speak for cars and airplanes that suddenly stopped working on command for a period of time.
The effects of this secret weapon was in all respects identical to the effects of electromagnetic interference described tens of thousands of times by people in cars who have had close encounters with alien vehicles. Mussolini was fascinated by this weapon and put pressure on Marconi so that we could use in the military. However, Marconi was against military use of his invention because he was for an invention and not a weapon. So Marconi tried to stall and then died suddenly, reaching the grave the secret of his invention and Mussolini leaving empty-handed. In the second half of the nineties, the
USAF Scientific Council (AFSAB) popularized the development prospects of the American Air Force, with mention of the existence of high-powered microwave weapons that can stop any type of combustion engine, to interfere with aircraft electronic systems and to cause interruptions of electric energy. This is certainly the death ray that Marconi had made many years before but starting from the same alien technology that the U.S. military were able to study.
In 1937 a UFO was sighted and photographed flying over the town hall in Vancouver.

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