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In the eighteenth century the screwing going crazy alien spacecraft maneuvering in the sky and calls are mainly flying ships, like the famous case "of the 'Flying Dutchman'.
The '8/1/1704 are spotted strange lights over England.
On 4/11/1704, in Switzerland, a bright cloud, moving at high speed, the horizon disappears.
In March 1716 the great astronomer Edmund Halley spotted a series of enigmatic flying vehicles, one of which lit up the sky for more than two hours per day with such intensity that Halley was able to quietly read a book. At the end of the light faded and then suddenly flare up again.
9/12/1731 The Florence are spotted strange globes of light in the sky.
L 'on 8/12/1733 Dorset (England) was spotted a silver flying saucer.
On 16/12/1742 there was a sighting of a flying machine vol.42 reported in the "Philosophical Transactions", which is minutely described.
In June 1750 in Edinburgh, Scotland, was spotted a huge fire ball that was moving slowly.
In 1752 to Aufermannland, balls of fire coming out of a larger object of long tubular shape and shiny appearance.
On 15/04/1752 in Stavanger, Norway, was spotted a strange bright object octagon.
On 15/10/1755 in Lisbon, Portugal, immense globes of light flying are seen many times.
On 2/11/1761 there is a procession of "immense globes" through Switzerland.
On 08.09.1762 in Basel, Switzerland, a spindle-shaped object, dark, huge, surrounded by a bright circle, was seen slowly crossing the solar disk, two astronomers: de Rostan in Basel, and splits in Solothurn.
The French astronomer Charles Messier 17/05/1777 observed in the sky a large number of dark discs.
On 7/6/1779 at Boulogne, France, a swarm of several luminous discs flew over the city.
In 1783, four witnesses on the terrace of Windsor Castle observed a luminous object moving in the skies of the Home Counties of England. The witnesses observed an oblong cloud moving more or less parallel to the "horizon. Under this cloud could be seen a bright object, roughly spherical, bright, who stopped, this strange sphere seemed to be the beginning of a pale blue, but its brightness is enhanced and headed east. Then the object changed direction and moved parallel to the "horizon before disappearing to the south-east, the light that emanated was prodigious; illuminated everything on the ground. There is also an illustration made by witnesses.

On September 26, 1788 the astronomer Schroter spotted a bright light in the lunar crater Plato, whose color gradually became darker as the sun rose on the horizon. Bright spots in the crater Plato were also seen from 1869 to 1874 by Pratt, Elger, Neison and Schmidt.
On 07/02/1802 a dark disc crossed the sun is seen by the astronomer Fritsch at Magdeburg in central Germany.
09/07/1820, Embrun, South East of France, wonderfully smooth formation of objects flying through the city in a straight line deviates ninety degrees and then goes away, always keeping in perfect alignment.
22/11/1821: a luminous disk crosses the English Channel.
23/10/1822: Pastoff astronomer observes two unknown objects that cross the solar disk.
1823: Astronomer Webb sees a bright object near Venus
01.04.1826: Saarbrücken, France. A gray torpedo-shaped object, is seen as it approaches the Earth quickly.
31/07/1826: unknown object sighted by astronomers.
On 22/12/1826 in France about 3000 people, including some very well educated, they spotted
a flying cross with bevelled edges clearly flying low over the city
of Migne.
26/05/1828: is sighted a disk which crosses the sun.
1831 from September 6 to November 1, in Geneva, Switzerland: Dr. Wartmann and staff of the observatory saw a strange luminous body for several nights. Is not seen by any 'other side of the Earth.
29/11/1831, in Thuringia, Germany: spotted luminous disk, "the apparent size of the Moon".
1833 Toland, Ohio. Sighted object brilliant hook-shaped.
13/11/1833, Niagara Falls, USA. A square object, big and bright, is seen for more than an hour.
5/11/1833, Chile A luminous disk passes near the Sun
1834: Astronomer Pastorff report having seen two round objects of unequal size. We review in 1836 and 1837.
11/05/1835: bright disk seen by Cociatore, a Sicilian astronomer.
12/01/1836, Cherbourg, France. A large ship is light hovering over the city. Rotates on its axis and seems to have a hole in the center like a donut.
15/05/1836: Professor Auber sees many bright objects moving away from the Sun in different directions.
1838, India. A flying saucer with a long appendix bright orange.
04/10/1844: The astronomer Glaisher says he has observed a luminous disc "which emitted waves and rapid flashes of light."
29/03/1845: London, England. An orange object, stationary, like a luminous mist, supported by four lights shining like stars.
11/05/1845: Mr. Gapocci, Observatory of Capodimonte, Napoli, he sighted a large number of shiny discs flying from West to East: some have star-shaped, others have light tails.
18/06/1845: Three disks of light rise from the sea and remain visible for ten minutes, half a mile from the ship Victoria (36 ° 40 'North Latitude, 13 ° 44' East Longitude). They described five times larger than the moon, and seem connected to light beams. Shortenings are simultaneously by many observers, also separated by fourteen hundred miles away.
25/07/1845, Florence: a huge flaming disc flies through the sky and èmolte times bigger than the moon.
2/12/1845: blazing lights are sighted off Ryook Phyoo, China.
18/5/1845 on the ship Victoria sighted 3 disks of light emerged from the sea, remaining motionless in the sky for a bit and then shoot away in the sky.
on 26/10/1846 at Lowell (Massachusetts) a lump of jelly was ejected from a stinking object flying at low altitude. The rejection had a diameter of 1.2 meters and a weight of 200 kg.
26/10/1846, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA. A flying saucer light that falls from a fetid mass of jelly, which weighs two hundred pounds, and has a diameter of one meter and thirty centimeters.
19/03/1847, Holloway, London, England. Spherical object, flaming, rises vertically through the clouds.
19/09/1848, Inverness, Scotland. Two large objects' shining like stars ", sometimes stationary, sometimes moving very fast.
1849, Gais, Switzerland. Thousands and thousands of bright objects seen by the astronomer Inglis as they pass through the clear sky. Some are equipped with wings or a halo.

Fall 1849, Deal, England. Sighted "dark bodies in the sky."
02/05/1850, Sandwich, Kent, England. A "point of light slowly approaching in a straight line, to become as large as one third of the moon, then remains steady for three minutes."
06/06/1850, Cote d'Azur, France. A red orb across the sky, leaving a shower of sparks: drop a dark object.
04/09/1851: As if it were attracted by the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, London, a large swarm of luminous disks comes from the east and north. The procession lasts from 9 am and 30 am to 3 pm and 30 and is observed through a telescope by the Rev. w. Read.
11/09/1852, Fair Oak, Staffs, England. Between 4:15 and 4:45 am, many people can see a strange bright disk surrounded by a halo, with the planet Venus.
22/05/1853: spotted three bright objects in the vicinity of Mercury. A large, round, a cigar-shaped, the other in the form of small disc: reported by Mr. RP. Gregg.
01/06/1853: a Lieutenant Gazette reported having seen a "flying machine", fifty years before the Wright brothers' first flight.
07/09/1853: The Societe de France Meteorologique noted "a large number of red dots in the sky ... like tiny suns. "
26/10/1853, Ragusa, Sicily. A large disk of light is seen moving from East to West at 2 am. Remains visible for two minutes.
11/06/1855: a large body of air, dark, is seen without a telescope by astronomers Ritter and Schmidt.
11/08/1855, Petworth, Sussex. A red light "like a red moon" rises slowly across the sky, and disappears in the distance. He hubs like a wheel, they sprout "stationary ray." Visible for ninety minutes.
- December 17, 1896, a luminous disc flying over Worcester, illuminating the area so
it would be possible to "pick up a pin," says Dr. Charles
- In 1896 and in 1897 there was a wave of UFOs over the United States. The sightings of alien spaceships are not counted and were called Airships airships or mysterious. There are countless articles in the press of collecting drawings and testimonies of the sightings. Be careful, because the modern ufology should be born in this period and not later, because even then you recognize UFOs as alien spacecraft, and not as a divine or similar phenomena.
- 17/4/1897 This is officially a UFO crashed in Aurora, Texas. It was a "cigar-shaped spaceship that, after flying over the city, crashed into a windmill and exploded. The body of semicarbonizzato "single pilot, a being small, was buried in Aurora Cemetery. The "explosion did of course release to" the environment, fragments of "UFO, and in fact fragments (mostly aluminum) were found in the place of" explosion until 1973. Some of those who came to the accident site reported severe burns and swollen hands. This matter is still not clear, but present some similarities with the Roswell event of 1947.
- The 1/5/1897 a luminous UFO flew over at low altitude for 15 minutes, the great city of Winnipeg (Canada).
- February 10, 1897, something explodes in the air near Madrid, Spain. Falling debris, shattering many windows, many windows will break. For five hours, a bright cloud of debris is still hovering above the city, where the subject has exploded. Panic on the streets.
- April 1897 "Airship" over Kansas City. A huge beam of light that digs down. Is sighted over Chicago on day 11. The 16 is a view in Benton, Texas has green and red tail lights. From another city in Texas is reported cigar-shaped, with huge projections, strongly illuminated by the rays of two powerful spotlights.
- April 20, 1897, "Airship" above Sistersville, Virginia emits flashes of bright light, red, green and white. Described as "an immense conical vessel, two hundred feet long, with fins on the sides." It does not appear that in those days in that area, they were flying balloons. - July 29, 1897, a strange object is photographed in Ohio.

June 3, 1898, England. Two disks of light, or very close together, seen in flight. Visible for six minutes.
March 2, 1899, spotted a luminous disc of El Paso, Texas.
March 8, 1899: The disk is seen in Prescott, Arizona follows the Moon throughout the day. Previously, he was seen very close to the Moon.
October 28, 1899, Luzarches, France. A luminous disk as big as the moon rises on the horizon. Observed over a quarter of an hour before lessen, reduced to a speck of light.
November 15, 1899. A huge star, or a disk, above the Dordogne, France: changes color, red, white, red, then blue: it moves majestically and walks away.

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