Virgo personality and characteristics of the sign


Virgo personality and characteristics of the sign

When you mention the sign of Virgo the words that are used most regularly are: order, method, discipline and organization and, perhaps for this reason, the collective imagination perceives this as a sign bit '"boring" subject "to the smallest of itself. "

Thus, unlike other signs that are considered "beautiful", the Virgin has a very striking and famous natives, instead of being proud to belong, usually reluctantly declared to be born under that sign, like a "defect".

I would first like to dispel this wrong way of thinking from two simple assumptions: the first is that astrology uses 12 signs that are ARCHETYPES, first principles models or types of energy that are absolutely necessary as a whole represent everything that exists in the universe, the second is that the zodiac signs are even 12 developmental stages through which you must pass and which are necessary and useful, and absolutely can not be classified in terms like "good - bad or good - bad" categories and evaluations that are of the mind.

Who is born under this sign has the task of organizing all that has been built and structured in the 5 previous signs, discovering the function, trying to make things so different, are able to "work together" and, in the term "function "The Virgin brings in everything from the engine, the organization of the human body up to the organization of society and the world in which we live.

All this is related to the fact that the IO, in Virgo, is having to organize all the functions that have been gradually separated in the evolutionary path of the Child, must handle, store and relate them to each other, integrating this serving and excluding what is not needed.
The watchword of the sign of Virgo is "discrimination" as he wants his planet Mercury, which here becomes alert, critical, selecting, loses much in terms of communication with the outside world and instead acquires a great ability to understand how a thing can work with another, finding and overcoming the difficulties that might prevent integration.

If we see the Virgin in the psychological profile, then we realize that this sign has the task of putting together the body and mind and find their own accommodation as an imbalance of these two parts creates a large "malfunction".

As with every sign Mercurial, again Hermes must allow that there is a "relationship" and, from this will depend on the welfare of its natives.
The 'fact, I came upon this sign with a strong sense of separation and fragmentation and, before tackling the next sign that a turning point, will take the path of the much dreamed of unity, must learn to put together, to allow all its functions to recognize and work arm in arm while taking into consideration the needs that come from outside and the world in which we live.

After the phase of uniqueness and specialty lion, Virgo asks the question: "But you, you are truly unique and special, no more than are the others?" So you have to recognize your limits and find an accommodation in order to live with the outside world and the needs of others.
Before coming to the concept of "distributive justice" Libra, Virgo imposes rules of civil coexistence and ensures that different people can "live together civilly," that there are exclusions and avoiding imbalances too strong, dictating rules that would be nice , if only for the most people.

The Virgin emphasizes the points of equality and find a middle way between extremes, and that guidelines such as "this you have to respect everyone because the company has its own requirements and needs, and everyone must do their part. Each has its limit beyond which affects the other. "

Virgo is attentive to what is happening outside of what is happening inside, feels torn between the distinction and collective needs (order, civility and respect for certain fees that are common to all) and individual (to be different and distinguish between them) and, in this sign, everything is exasperating because I know that to be reassured from the outside and must have a recognition that this can only come about if there will be a program and if they comply with what society recognizes and accepts .
The task of this sign is therefore to find a possible alignment between these two parts so as to feel "integrated group" because I - still weak and fragmented - feels the need to feel accepted in to a sense of normalcy, but simultaneously, also wants to be "in itself an" all responsive to individual needs.

Those born under the sign of Virgo are in constant observation and seek an alignment between the inside and the outside and try to live the best in a situation where compliance with social rules and norms that govern collective life does not go to affect too much the individuality and personal needs.
For this reason, the CAUTION is the main quality which is associated with an organized mind, able to classify and make comparisons to see at any time if all the gears of the system work, or if something goes "off system" and create problems and disintegration.

The Virgin knows that only if the two can work well in an integrated way there will be chances of survival, because he is well aware that "the party is at all exactly how it serves the party," he knows that the rules are essential because is aware that there is "diversity" but that it is a source of great trouble, at least until the man has not reached the maturity to really recognize each other and a responsibility that will enable him to take responsibility for their actions. Until then coexistence must be ensured by the '"external authority" who undertakes to run everything through rules that are dictated by society.
Virgo is the sixth sign, and belongs to the "below the horizon" and its job is to enable society to function, to ensure that the minimum needs of all are respected and guaranteed in some way and knows that to achieve this must demand respect from all of the duties, limitations because it is aware that the man before he became a "social being" must learn the basic rules of "civil society" that, in this sign, is brought forward through a system of reward-punishment.

If you built and your own contribution - the Virgin says - you have everything you need and the company in some way to ensure you and your personal needs.
When the Virgin manages to fit the personal needs with the external needs to be able INTEGRA, or has a deep sense of inner HEALTH comes from knowing that the work of community health, while remaining true to itself, its principles and its values.
The Virgin is always in deep relationship with the body system, is an Earth sign and is the proper relationship between the unit and the part. The body is a unit that is made up of millions of different particles which all work for itself, but at the same time also serve a larger project and global.
If a member ceases to do its function, global health is less: the role of the Virgin
is to ensure that everyone doing their part because it is essential for unity: the individual is an integral part of the world in which he lives, if he does his part and does not give its contribution, the entire world will suffer.

The quality control of the Virgin are in fact, discrimination is the ability to see every single part and try to relate it to the other, then there is the desire of perfection, discretion and intelligence sharp and critical.
The 'Shadow of the Virgin is in "control" that stems from the fear of being excluded, not to be integrated, and this often results in exacerbation of the sense of perfection that it becomes "perfectionism, meticulousness and precision," defects that make the stressed and absolutely unable to trust others, because he does not trust him.
When not working well and does not feel integrated the Virgin becomes unstable and neurotic, manic, and clings to that deceptively ritualizzazioni cover insecurities. This happens particularly when adapting too outside and then somatizes precisely because the body is
Instructs to show "where is misaligned and disharmony" and where, therefore, must work to regain the health and integrity.

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