Toro and personality characteristics of the sign


Tuatus personality characteristics of the sign

After the great storm of undifferentiated energy released in early spring by the sign of Aries, we are now in a much slower pace, calm and slow: it is a rhythm that belongs to the earth element, which rotates in the Zodiac, is engaged in structuring and realization of material things, is the rhythm of nature that they must allow the shoots to be able to entrench and nurture.

The glyph for Taurus is symbolized by the animal of the same name, a mighty cattle, whose curved horns remind us of something moon, a sort of glass ready to contain and accommodate something in it; highly productive animal and instinctive enough to become angry and for this visa in the popular imagination as intemperate and irrational, very different from the cow paciosa and mild.

The Taurus, shows a certain contradiction in its associated glyph as an animal symbolically very masculine to a sign whose energy is Yin and whose meanings are mainly related to a natural energy receptive, fertile, irrational and feminine.

In this we can perceive a sort of duplicity: a part deeply suitable to allow life accepting it and feeding it, capable of structuring the safety devices that are essential, but also a part of great instinctivity in which we can see whether a bit 'animal that occur through an exuberant fertility and a great sense of entrapment and possession that belong to the archaic symbolism of a female nature and a bit 'primitive, linked to the planet "Proserpine," which finds its home in Taurus. The choice of an animal "masculine" energy immersed in a "feminine" may have something to do with the ability of the bull move from mild to absolute blindness and constructive aggressive and irrational side that brings a highly destructive and the need that the two things they can find balance and harmonization (as required by the planet Venus).

Here of course the energy is retained and is so to say "worked" in fact, in this very slow operation, symbolized by "ruminating cattle", the magma from Arezzo, indomitable and unmanageable, the bull becomes something "usable and digestible "as prepared, cooled and solidified.
If we dare to imagine another interpretation we can go from the soul and enterprising Aries warrior who conquered a territory, to the actual taking of possession of Taurus which happens when it allocates to the inside, it circumscribes the boundaries so to defend them and then ensure that they can build and nurture that is needed to provide stability, comfort for the protection of procreation, which serves to "descendants" in which to leave in time the fruits of his great work.

The 'soul of the sign of Taurus is simple, elemental, he wants a comfortable and safe haven and as soon as it finds it, does not look anywhere else, stops, puts his roots and earmarks.

It 'a sign strongly linked to the five senses: things must be tangible for him, because he hates what is abstract hard to perceive. And 'realistic, practical and concrete yet also full of warmth and affection.

Remember the Earth, solid and almost armored surface, but with great warmth and life within it.
Its capabilities are retaining, nurturing and consolidation of life and things, through it, things become visible and usable, but we need for this in a state of continuity that works for and loves the simple things in life: eating, making the 'Love, enjoy the things that make life beautiful, pleasant and safe: there is the risk of holding too much, stick in an exaggerated way to things instead of giving them the right value.

The project consists of a Sun in Taurus thus building a sense of personal worth and security that must result from the ability to build and to give shape to what he loves and desires. To complete his plan must identify their personal resources, must cultivate them and to value himself and what he believes in such a way that its potential will increase and stabilize. The resources of the Sun in Taurus are its potential, his talent, his natural talents (his real property, the ones that nobody can ever take away), they should be identified, cultivated and made more effective and usable, through them the sign ensures its staff structure and welfare and can gratify his sense of identity by contemplating what he is able to exploit, and if this does not happen, the need for security tends to move material resources, and on the external values' image and all this at the expense of personal integrity and tranquility.

The Taurus has an absolute need to believe to be before you even think about having and can not smuggle two terms.
In carrying out its task therefore needs to move its safety from outside to inside: to identify what really matters (what are your feelings) and it is these which must point to avoid having to cling to things and people, however, must be able to enjoy the freedom and the possibility of transformation. This sign needs to feel a deep sense of belonging to his roots, family, culture, everything will make him feel strong and rich possessions in the absence of "material" is a sign that must be able to ensure the life but did not choke in the bud.

The ego in this sign must feel the deep self-worth.

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