Scorpio characteristics and personality of the sign


Scorpio characteristics and personality of the sign

The scorpion is the eighth sign, a sign of water, receptive, yin energy but with the two planets in masculine excellence. And 'the sign that brings with it the need of the psyche to put a distance between the impulse to the action of Mars and Pluto. This is why it is a sign that looks very content at the surface because the strong inner movements - powerful and intense - not transpire, because people act a very strong control so as not to allow others to "understand" what lives in their depths.

Scorpio has a strong ability to quickly grasp what is not visible is intriguing, intelligent, lightning-quick in perception and in the conquest of what he wants, but it is also seductive and manipulative when they feel insecure about their value and their strength.

Compared to this peculiarity, it is good to debunk the notion that once the natives of Scorpio people are treacherous and unclear, or rather, can also behave in a sneaky and unfair - like any sign - but the reasons are always to be found in that you do not know and need time to understand their real motivations. Generally, the natives have had great difficulties in childhood to be "real authentic and clear" and, just as a result of this fact, have learned not to ever let shine through what they think and what they really feel: that way you have defended, but the price they paid is the disconnect from themselves and the next control that is operated automatically and instinctively all those emanations which could let out the true personality and intentions.

The sign of the Scorpion has features like the intensity, strength and ability to "feel" is the sign that should lead to find and use in a positive way "personal power" and, for this reason, every native is sooner or later face to face with the dynamics of "power" and will have to deal with these.
It 'a very instinctive sign ... I would say gut, everything goes through its "belly" that records and releases immediate input reactive; his project, however, is to become "master of all that moves in" so you can really break free of bondage to drive the undifferentiated drag and does regress been almost "animal".

It 's very obvious this side: when the natives do not succeed in self, often expire in need to control others, to manage and administer a power that does not have and can not have unless it becomes the real manipulators who seek to obtain , and retain possession of what could never be directly and clearly.
Their darker shade is right for correctly using their enormous potential that
however, require a catharsis to be interpreted at best and for constructive ends, otherwise they end up being destructive to living a restless life, full of resentment and negativity.

The word "grievance" is very suited to the sign: it means "to feel again," and this is a very special side of the Scorpions: they are particularly intense at an empathic level, however, have a sort of "selective receptivity" which is tuned to the frequencies "low and dense" and struggle to let go of what no longer serves, by that I mean who perceive precisely the disharmony, the inconsistencies between words and gestures, the states of infidelity, anger and resentment .. . and so hold back anger and disappointment that stagnate struggling to rid themselves of toxins.

The 'eighth sign is the sign of catharsis, which action is needed to address the recent rebirth, one that allows access to higher feelings to return to find unity with something larger than themselves. You can not access this process if it is still imbued with power mismanaged and misdirected, and if you are not able to understand what runs in the bowels. Scorpio has the task of dividing (Mercury) the personal emotions and instincts than others and, therefore, must not fall into reactions that have little to do with consciousness and often are not caused by others as they think.

It 's very important for those born in Scorpio familiar with what comes out of himself so as not to be victims of personal instinctive reactions which are then supported by little or no relevant alibi.
The ability to distinguish well between the one and the other thing makes a Scorpio a subject at the first stage or second stage.
At the first stage there is still the true conscience of their actions, while the second is a discrimination that leads to specific choices that, in turn, may be followed by actions consistent with their values.
This is the true power of a Scorpio: you know exactly the impact that others have on the personal dynamics in order not to be at the mercy acquiring a real opportunity for choice in life.

This is the antechamber of autonomy, which begins from the symbolism of this sign that, more than any other, must make a clear separation between self and other and between the ego and the Self, or rather between the intentions of 'Me and those of the Self.

The sign of Scorpio has a dual task, intense and difficult: the first is to divide, separate to make light, view and illuminate (this step is well symbolized in myths that deal with the descent to the Underworld), obvious representation of consciousness that enters, lights, but inevitably discriminates, distinguishes and defines;
the second is being able to finally reunite the two energies, once we've seen its share of shade and it was cleaned of personal dynamics.

It 'a strong and courageous; impossible to go unnoticed for a Scorpio, has great ability to perceive others to "hear" and experience everything to the maximum intensity, loves challenges, they are invited to a wedding and this makes them full of charm, the mystery surrounding their identities makes them particularly attractive, as if everyone could hear that there's much more than they let emerge. They are subject in which sexuality operates a very important part, because it is the bridge between matter and spirit.

The point is that they know well what moves beneath the surface of them, what motivates them from the bottom because this will make them powerful people and able to tackle anything that life puts in front of knowing that you can win or lose but inside it must remain intact, this sign by the first contact with the transpersonal world in which the ego has to take into account concepts such as impermanence, the transience of things and the futility of his state; but at the same time, thanks to the transformation, the ego becomes aware that the precarious human condition can be overcome thanks to the recovery and the relationship with the other part of himself.
This is the step that makes the natives "powerful" until they become real "healers" who, once healed his soul can help others heal theirs.

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