Sagittarius and personality characteristics of the sign


Sagittarius personality characteristics of the sign

If there is a word that seems far-sewn upon this sign is "journey". The sign of Sagittarius is strongly linked to the symbolism of the journey from the psychological journey to the geographical one, up to the journey of self discovery ... in any case, the native, is always put in travel and in movement and, ... turning turning, they discover that you do not know at all and that all that have come out of nothing but a pale reflection of what they must meet within. After all, the trip is one way to begin to know the "diversity", the first geographical, cultural and religious ... but in the end, everything will lead to its diversity, the stranger who occupies part of our psyche and that, sooner or later have to "colonize it and make it ... home. "

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the great lord of Olympus God, took remarkable qualities including the "grand vision", the confidence in their ability, the desire to know it can become almost a frenzy, a real concern spurring them not to stand still, and, finally, the desire to rise above the material within which, however, this sign is still deeply rooted.
In fact, Zeus, fully symbolized these qualities: it hard to stay within the limits imposed by the rules and the need not to know anything just being the head of the Gods, he needed to supplement his feminine side because through it could be wise, therefore, the possibility of being a God of Heaven to all intents and purposes, assume the following when Metis councils and divided the kingdoms, thus avoiding to become a tyrant oligarchical driven by the continued need for control. Zeus shows that the integration of his feminine side, avoiding a power struggle that would have destroyed as had happened to his predecessors.

Another feature of Zeus was in his power "fertilizing" the symbol of abundance and ability to create, in fact he had several children and all took a personal interest.
With this God the natives share the passion, creative vision, the eye on the future and what is not yet visible and the fecundity at all levels.

Sagittarius, like Zeus, he does not want limits, is employed to overcome them, not to "see" and then trying to go further. And 'the sign that stands at the square is the Virgin of Pisces, and is a real "star gate" that can allow or bar the door to rebirth, one that allows humans to perceive what lies beyond the sphere of materiality and that you understand that there's more, there are other dimensions, even if they can be understood through the five senses, are still visible with other "meaning" those who, in effect, must rely. Sagittarius is also home to the home of Neptune, which is presented here as a possibility to switch between "believing that there is something even if it is not yet visible" to feel part of a whole which one experiences a true sense of spirituality.

Sagittarius is basically a sign that represents a "border line" that sees both sides and it must begin to take into consideration: one side is well anchored to the body, the senses, instincts, but the other, begin to move away because he was constantly drawn to a project exceeds that imagines and senses through the coupling of values and ideals that do not belong to the sphere of materiality, the Native experience that there is a piece of mind that eludes rational control, and with this part , they sense the presence of something beyond the ego and beyond the ordinary mind.

In order to carry out his project Sagittarius native has supplied some very interesting capabilities that are never to be satisfied of what is and what he knows, being always ready for a new adventure, to have unlimited confidence in their own visions and capacity, being an optimist by nature and a sense of trust in "Providence superior" in some way help you and allow you to conclude what he is doing.

It 's a sign that he needs space and movement, otherwise it feels suffocated and became anxious and impatient.
The 'shadow of Sagittarius is linked to a lack of discrimination which can lead the natives to believe blindly without being able to evaluate and think for themselves. The presence of Neptune in the sign can easily lead a person with these characteristics and not a non-perfect balance from the inner to the fanaticism and the illusion of being able to gain power by creating legions of followers, or by following "hypothetical gurus" who, in their opinion, have pocket the truth and are ready to give it to anyone who is on their side. It 's a sign that must be solved very well the issues of power and having brought to light by the previous sign of Scorpio, otherwise you may believe in the absolute goodness of his thinking and his philosophy of life, to the point of wanting to impose to everyone you meet on the street. Some missionaries were severely affected by this "syndrome" to the point of overthrowing the way of being, values, philosophy and religious balance of other cultures, but often more spiritual and wiser than that sought to impose by force and irrationality, if not with cruelty.

Sagittarius is the sign that teaching can be seen as the transfer others to their own development and their own understanding, teaching, however, when there is still a shadow, can easily slip into indoctrination aimed at inculcate their thinking and their own truth to others.

Like any other sign Sagittarius needs a clear mind and intentions that are free from paranoia of power of the IO, if this does not happen, the risks are even greater because the field where he can sweep this sign is much broader and can investing just what the "vision and the delirium of holiness", where the boundaries between the material and the divine, between the natural and the supernatural are really very thin.

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