The Fish and personality characteristics of the sign


The Fish personality characteristics of the sign

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and condense within itself the whole experience that was made in the cycle that began starting from the sign of Aries.
We begin by noting that the glyph of Pisces, symbolically, is very interesting: two fish - bound together - swimming in the opposite direction.

In general this symbol represents the match or better the potential re-match between the individual (first fish) and whole (second fish), it is clear that this must be the sign of Pisces, and certainly not a task easy to bring to a conclusion: it is an integration in which individuality and collectivity can return to dialogue and share what surrounds us through the great sense of "participation" we are called. On a psychological level we can interpret this sign as the realignment between the ego and the Self 'in terms of consciousness should be the permanent abandonment of all the divisions that were created and then, of all the influences that have so much fragmented and fragment the life and soul of human beings.

The 'last sign should be able to understand that the ego is a "false identity" needed early in life but to be able to self-transcend the individual gradually becomes aware and learn to use his potential ( empathy, sensitivity, ability to understand and to perceive beyond the 5 senses and achieve a healthy distance participatory) to "hear" what comes from inside or from the direct experience of his own conscience and the presence of Neptune and Jupiter - the two gentlemen of this sign - is there to remind us that life needs constant nourishment not only food, but spiritual. The sign of Pisces in particular, on a symbolic level, it must feed its subtle bodies that are ready to open up the universal: it is in the design of this sign, the task of creating a channel for true healing that is made of "reunification" with the original source from which it was separated at birth and thus must open a door to the Divine that is within us and outside us, and which is present in everything in which you participate.

Moreover, since the beginning of his individual life, the native fish experience the feeling of "emptiness" and "diversity" and "absence" that seeks to bridge through a thousand palliatives that only seem to temporarily "fill", in reality the perception of dissatisfaction and discharge persists because it derives from the awareness of "being a unit," and I lost her at the time of physical birth. Over time, Pisces understand that only a true sense of sympathy with its surroundings and the acquisition of a true spiritual meaning of life can "heal" the original injury, one that basically we all live as a "fall", or better, as the breakup of a relationship that was there before and we have memory as "nostalgia".

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