Libra characteristics and personality of the sign


Libra characteristics and personality of the sign

Libra is in a sense, an abandonment of the collective world, with its cultural values and family where you have been immersed for so long and, at the same time, gives way to true recovery of individuality in which every individual is called to develop his own potential - its heritage and its internal real values: here Venus and Proserpina begin to work so that man can build his strength and his means his fate, gradually reducing the strength of external constraints and adaptations.

It 'a very interesting sign, is feminine while having an active nature - Cardinal and Yang. In Native everything must be observed and penetrated in all its facets to arrive then evaluate and choose, however it is not easy in the native, are often drawn from the large tear between the assertion of the ego and the need for acceptance and respect which makes this task particularly difficult. It comes after the Virgin who has an eye on the potential of highly discriminatory and Libra can manifest itself in a positive and simple if the previous sign has its function: that is, if one has learned to see the individual parts, then the balance will perform the assessment that will allow the choice, an act that will bring the human being to begin its journey towards the achievement of real independence and freedom.

Libra is an air sign whose interest lies in communication and relationship, or rather, the interaction and harmony among people and things in this sign, however, what needs to be related are the two sides to every situation that in the case of individuals, can be understood as feminine or masculine side and the reason and sentiment.

In fact, there can be no choice if we granted the mind and heart since the first analysis allows us to see the possibilities and opportunities, while the second makes us understand if what we want really fits with our personal values and if you can be acceptable for that part of us that needs to "give value" to things.
Libra has a very strong contact with the balance in every situation and working to put together the research and talk to even things apparently irreconcilable, hence the symbol of the scales representing the righteousness which is obviously an ideal difficult to achieve in life, but for this very sought after.

The natives, even unconsciously are always looking for balance and parity, have a great ability to always see both sides of the coin and a strong inclination for the things that are in harmony, from the clothes they wear, to the sounds of music, from beauty of a work of art to the magic of the exchange that occurs between two people when, through dialogue and love, are able to negotiate differences of opinion, attitude and value.
It 's no doubt that under the sign of Libra feel strongly that the reference to mediation is the only way that humans have to be able to diplomatically reach an agreement without having to fight for what you want and want.

Libra has a very strong sense of self and law and, therefore, can easily respect the rights of others, certain it is the only way to reach a coexistence able to respect differences even within a cooperation and sharing.

This sign has great qualities that go by the profound ethical and aesthetic ability to mediate and negotiate with others and, for this symbolizes the "relations between people" such as love relationships, societies and associations, as well as those works of mediation
including advice and judgment in which two or more people compete for the right balance requires the intervention of a third person, in a detached and objective, can make a judgment based on the evaluation and equidistance between the parties.

This sign is deeply tied to Venus, Goddess of Love, understood here as "energy alchemy that unites and transforms" allowing us to overcome the sense of separation and loneliness.

Aphrodite, however, had nothing to do with the institutional part of love, and for this reason has little to do with marriage but with much choice but to put in place two people allowing themselves to each other so as to give value to themselves , to another and, at the same time, the report.

Obviously, the task of the sign of Libra is to choose on the basis of desire combined with personal values, but by its very nature, is often found to have enormous difficulty in opting for one or the other thing because it is conscious that the true Harmony is in the middle but so too is the fact that life on earth is left to you always only one possibility. This seems to belong to the law of humanity that can not have everything and that only a few moments, can be felt a great sense of harmony at the moment when the ideal and reality, desire and necessity seem to coincide.

The 'shadow of Libra is its excessive coldness, sterility and detachment that sometimes seems to be only "form" and not "substance", this sign is often great difficulty in being able to understand that balance and harmony are the qualities that humanity can only ideally facing but can not lead - if not sporadically and transiently - in fact, while it seems obsessively search for it.

Libra always sees "how things could be ideally" but, in an attempt to hook them and bring them into reality, is deeply disappointed, dissatisfied and detached.
That's why the Libra and Venus also binds the art, because what comes from a true artist is a "form" in which you are perfectly blended ideal and reality in which the original concept has remained intact.
Libra is linked to Love, the alchemical process that allows a real chance to meet and transform themselves through another person with whom, together we will create a new way of being and a perception unit that oversees everything.

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