Leo personality and characteristics of the sign


Lion personality and characteristics of the sign

The sign of Leo is the second element is fire and we host our Luminary, represents the second phase that the personality must be done through an undifferentiated state to a real identity able to express themselves and create. This privilege makes it a sign of very bright and shiny because it contains a certain something that will then have to give and share with all other signs which, through the symbol of the Sun will receive the vital energy and the daimon identity.

It 's a sign that contains the most vital energy that is already concentrated and directed so as to be able to release its light diffusing the clarity of day that has the strength to rise above the night making everything visible without ambiguity contained in the night shadows that feed on the possibility of imperfect vision.

And 'Helios, the beautiful greek God who comes in the morning with his chariot, and, galloping in the sky from east to west, brings life, light and heat throughout the Earth.
The light that is scattered from sunlight is a vital and reassuring, and it appeared to dawn,
provides man with the sleep-wake rhythm together with the assurance of an eternal present in which nothing can threaten or contaminate the existence, at least until the light lasts.

That 's what has caused the man since ancient times would combine the sunlight to the conscience and guessed that, in the continuous rise and fall of the sky, a chance to finally defeat the shadow.

In fact many solar myths focus on their symbolic battle that takes place every day when, with the onset of dusk, the sun is temporarily swallowed by a dark fish, which is struggling for a few hours before emerging triumphant after dawn.

For the sign of Leo the blind can not and should not exist, the natives, is disturbing in contact with the darkness and, in an attempt to defeat this state, with particular emphasis on live night, exorcising the movement and activity in the atavistic fears that lurk in their psyche that unconsciously is aware that the heat in the dark, life dileguerebbe quickly.

Indeed, as the sunrise illuminates the Earth, the natives know that consciousness can illuminate every single human life allowing contact with the Absolute.
If the Sun be the man he could find a sense of stability and immutability sharing with it the sense of eternity, the sign of Leo, which houses our Luminary feeds in a privileged way of these powers by acting with extreme security, as if the affannare time belonged to him without having to chase him or stop him.

The sign of the sign Leo is also a very strong relationship with the uniqueness and specialties because he knows something that reflects who created it and that everyone catches the sunlight so different from everyone else, why is aware that his Sole individual will highlight specific qualities and characteristics, of course, will be unique.

That is the strength of the ego (identity) in Leo is very visible and strong and we ask our natives to live up to the purity and clarity that comes through the Sun, symbol of the manifestation of the Earth once synthesized image quality as the king who embodied the magnificence, magnanimity, kindness and fairness, the King was perfectly in the myths identified in the image of the Sun God and was to enlighten and direct his people as a beacon in the night by doing through or bridge (the Pope) between the Divine and the human.

Even today, the nobles are given the "blue blood" as evidence of an ancient mythic legacy in which it was believed that kings had their blood stained blue in their veins as the spiritual light that they were called to spread on Earth.
At the sign of Leo is symbolically associated with the organ of the heart as the center of being conceived in antiquity, that center from which the vital energy (blood), from a psychological point of view is in analogy with the love and the feeling that if energy is radiated from the center to the whole psyche, allow men to relate with all their parts thus achieving full consciousness.

The heart is the point where everything starts and to which everything must return, and in this we see a perfect analogy with the function of the ego which is connected to all other mental functions in order to become the landmark of the identity, a kind of "nerve".

So like this sign in to give hospitality day luminary has received something more than the others, however, the Lion will be a landmark not only for himself but for others, particularly important task that each Lion should fulfill and embody a way of finding and keep abreast of what your project requires and, when not take it and fails to draw the light and love, the shadow seems to hit it even heavier than the other signs: thus, instead of traveling proud Light that is emitted by the heroic and noble essence and be a benchmark for others, ends up losing touch with his heart and slips easily into the shadow of a false personality without courage and nobility, in need of finding outside and in the light of the other, a pale portrait of himself.

For this reason, each Leo must try to bring out the leader that exists within him without resorting to external means, in the case would remove the light and energy, the true nobility Leone obtained by self-giving. It must therefore become a being who, having received the gift of the divine light can not get from others but must learn to concentrate and then radiate it out, otherwise they dry up and his heart slowly disconnect just as would happen if the Sun ceases to emanate light and heat and claimed to attingesse everything from the planets of the solar system by sending her to collapse the entire system.
If, however, contact the heroic part, the Lion will be a model for all and, like the Sun, will shine and be a real example.

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