Gemini zodiac sign personality and characteristics


Gemini zodiac sign personality and characteristics

Gemini is the first member of the air element that occurs in the sphere Zodiac. The 'air is responsible for conducting information exchange, to communicate: it has to do with the little creature that Hermes was always ready to chat and have fun in discovering something new and doing great messenger to Zeus.

To do its function the sign of Gemini is equipped with verve, intelligence rapidly, with humor and a taste for fun, curiosity and ability to speak, is quick in perception and in response, has a particular taste for playing with the ideas and it is easy to change what has always attracted by what is moving around, ready to seize every opportunity. The underlying theme is to understand that this sign is connected to the world of perception: there is a large capacity in-depth as this requires an inner structure which is not yet present.

This means that a Gemini is equipped with very large antennas that pick up everything that moves in the air and that should take many things as possible, however, is hardly interested in deepening and then shape the content. It 's basically a sign of "hit and run".

There is a lightness that accompanies his movements and his mind and everything is perceived and contacted, but the real task processing and storage will be up to other signs. The Twins symbolize the "synapse" that, in the nervous system, are those small parts that can also conduct informational messages from the outside and vice versa true, outside to inside.

Those born under the sign of Gemini are extremely perceptive and discriminating and know how to bring in a lot of information, and their task is to organize them in files, forming memories that can be called, certainly the ability to sort things inside member Mercury is the lord of both the Gemini and Virgo together manage the mind like a real program operating a computer.

The task of Gemini is therefore perceive, bring in communicating information to other people in order to create a genuine exchange that allows to relate and share things that might not have anything in common, they do everything so bright, fast and not being smart but never stop looking here and there something new to see, hear, move in and then transmitted.

And you can believe it because it looks like a twin to a quick ferret brilliant and dynamic, always careful, ironic and sly, a little urchin from the alacrity and the eyes that laugh and they move in search of something new when browsing. Of course this also makes them subject easy to boredom, and intolerance: when they see and touch things
struggling to stay in and just want something different. This part of their psyche in the long run can become a limitation that prevents you from experience and keep what is useful and needed.

Another piece of the shadow of the sign is the difficulty of putting together its two parts, the emotional and the rational, they are closely connected to the left brain and rely heavily on the mind and, therefore, take into account only what is visible, tangible and verifiable fact, the perception is that they use sensory created the 'sense of reality. "
As in the myth of Castor and Pollux, which could never be in the same size and had to keep constantly informed, including the Twins are unlikely to put together their two parties and this is the great challenge of the sign to become complete, gather, build bridges allow to relate the instinctive and emotional with the intellectual, in this way will not only be able to perceive, but also to evaluate and take stock of their experiences.

Bringing together stakeholders will also be able to live the experience with the heart and not only in the head.
Otherwise children will remain the eternal and unable to grow in depth and call themselves, when they become adults will have the feeling of being displaced, no longer young, yet never grow and mature.

They must maintain contact with the "divine child" who can not grow old inside and in the psychological sense because they are constantly moving and always willing to explore new experiences: the sign is more related to Peter Pan, able to keep those great stretches of youth who are mobility and take nothing for granted, this is quite different from aspiration to remain young in body that sometimes accompanies the natives for a long time, creating great frustration when they realize that this is a grand illusion.

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