Capricorn and personality characteristics of the sign


Capricorn and personality characteristics of the sign

With the month of December and the winter solstice ends the annual cycle (though not the Zodiac) with the sign of Capricorn, sign of winter, Cardinal tied to the earth element. In line with the seasonal symbolism Capricorn is a sign of lean, essential that carries with it the sense that the nature of the difficulty experienced in surviving its lowest terms with the Sun to its point less caloric, but notwithstanding that, being fully aware that the cycle will continue and that the new law will supplant the old.

This theme contains Capricorn its great internal drama: on the one hand, the sense of recollection and acceptance of the necessity of this being totally closed and inward contemplation that really serves to ensure openness and rebirth from ' other, the feeling of resistance that has to put in place to spend the free time that is less hospitable than ever.

Astrology sign of Capricorn has always been correlated with spirituality and asceticism, in fact there is a kind of austerity in this sign that seems to preserve his energy to ensure its survival with the least expenditure of energy; exactly like the ascetic route that leads to unnecessary but is respectful of what he needs.

In Capricorn, Saturn indicates the presence of a path in which we must gradually get rid of the weights that have been accumulated karmically in order to make the big step of elevation passing through the "middle" and the use of their abilities; here " destiny "becomes" free will "; every native knows he has to rely on its resources and that can not be under any illusions about what comes from outside; know that everyone is responsible for himself and, in psychology capricorniana there is both an great sense of structure that derives from the concept of inner strength built on the "DIY", but on the other there is the inevitable regret that comes from having given up what would have been nice and soft, but limited autonomy .

In fact, free will is the greatest gift given to man, but to get it you have to deal with the responsibilities and the limitations, these are two qualities that lead to the freedom that awaits every human being after it has been able to understand the value of the choice facing the inevitable sacrifices that matter and impose the state of incarnation.

It 's a sign that strongly feels the need to sift, sort and organize all the things before you build them physically, nothing will be sustainable if it failed to pass the tough scrutiny of this sign and its lord Saturn. His qualities are rigor, honesty, and programming aimed at building capacity for sacrifice that can be mental, or social structure; the natives of the sign have the capacity to be a goal and keep the attention and energy on pointing straight ' target for all the time necessary to achieve it. This sign is the combination of Saturn that directs the force of Mars, including through the design capacity of Uranus. It 's the first sign puts aside "large external expectations", which inevitably increases the chances of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Capricorns rely on himself and waives expect the world to provide what they need. Its motto is "Heaven help that helps."

Saturn seems to say that everything must be built to stand the test of time in person and subject to the law of necessity and entropy; dishonesty, thirst for power and inability to predict the consequence of their actions are the causes of low durability of things and are those that every Capricorn seeks to carefully avoid.
The sign requires integrity, honesty and respect for others and the law under penalty of loss and suffering. Saturn represents the law to which he must submit false without loopholes.

Saturn seems to say that there is a right way and easy and the second is not to go.

Capricorn and its natives have large refining capacity by cultivating perseverance, patience and endurance, but they need to face the wound that comes from "not being able to depend" that often screams from inside and, if not cauterized risk to make it hard, rigid and tyrannical, unable to give support and understanding of the weak, just as no one has supported and understood when he was weak, frightened and alone. Capricorn has a problem with his energy, both male and female: in the Saturn myth had been driven back into the bowels of the Earth by Uranus, but he was to be chosen by the mother to castrate the father. This symbol is enclosed in his play: his parents are often not able to provide no structure, no tenderness and protection, and he must find everything in it.

The great strength of a Capricorn born from having dealt with the internal weakness, and acknowledged to have surpassed it. In order to build strength and sensitivity on the matter fully incorporate the soul that will make the Capricorn detached but able to understand and be a guide for others.
The 'shadow hides its own shadow in the wound and can be made of terrible cruelty, hardness and total lack of compassion.

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