Characteristics of the sign Aries


Characteristics of the sign Aries

The 'Aries starts the astrological wheel and for this energy are contained within it powerful, raw and intense, but still primitive.
Its glyph is formed by the symbol of "two horns" of a ram or, alternatively, from head of Aries itself, which makes us think about how to fight and how to defend: the head and horns, often in language common use the term "shall scorna".

In fact, the natives tend to scornarsi more often, at least in the early part of life until they begin to understand that not enough to fight, but you also have a strategy.
Aries is' a masculine sign, with an overpowering energy and Yang is a sign pertaining to the fire element and ruled by Mars and Pluto, is full of warmth, of initiative, enthusiasm and impulsiveness that is often shown through a large aggression.

They included courage, recklessness, ability to start one, ten, a hundred times ... are loyal and straightforward, but incredibly unable to retain and to direct their thinking (symbolized by the head).

The 'Aries symbolically represents the "birth" and reminds us of the manner in which we enter into the life of the head, just like the natives come into situations and experiences.

The 'energy is highly concentrated in the sign of Aries to the point that seems not to be retained in any situation. It seems a sort of "big-bang", the great explosion that started the universe and that has allowed life. The 'Aries is very vital and reminds us at every moment that life is a huge drive that can not be stopped and who impels us to move forward, by any means.

The design of these natives has to do with a great need to turn this fire burning and without any guidance that may explode, burn and destroy everything that is around, in a building fire, capable of rendering fertile because it burns what it touches indiscriminately, but rather, gives life and warmth.

In early life those born under the sign of Aries tend to live intensely, burning all the steps and getting into situations head, everything seems a matter of life and death and everything seems it can not wait even a moment as if constantly missing time in their lives, which is why everything must be consumed quickly without thinking about what would be the regular time for things to mature.

And 'so that these young heroes seem to turn into a vortex from which they find it difficult to go out and while they remain trapped in this delirious energy, can not control their urges and, consequently, fail to act but only to "react "Moved by a series of extremely undifferentiated inner urges, but they have the upper hand over their will: they seem to be very strong-willed, but in reality, they must gain the ability to act with the conscious will.
They do not direct, they are directed, not provoke the situation, they are caused and, given their very short fuse, react without ever using a strategy and without dwelling on the possible consequences of their behavior.

And 'as if they were to attack the lives and the world seem never to have enough space for their personality and must somehow try to impose it.
The first major changes occurring around the age of 30 years when Saturn begins to ask for the bill of what was done, forcing the native to get compared with what he wanted to accomplish.

The 'Aries therefore need direction and guidance: his problem is always related to the meeting clashes with the authorities of which has terribly need but do not want to acknowledge for fear of being subject.
The unresolved are almost always linked to the father figure with whom he has hired struggles and wars.
Until we understand that the authorities must be inside otherwise it will never mature and continue to fight off what he can not handle inside.
Only when he begins to follow a path of self begin to master its power, and at that point, will have the opportunity to be able to direct it toward the direction that he chooses for his life.

The 'Aries, enters his project when he knows how to use choose, when to use, and use energy and intensity. The moment you know his strengths and knows what he has to put in the situation it faces, it will become safe and can leave the suspicion and distrust that have contributed so much to make it unstable in the first part of his journey.

The ego in this sign is hard to establish itself, still dominate the drives that are engulfing him: only 'I when I start to exercise his conscious will, then the ram will be and who knows what CHAPTER knows that both inspire other. In the life of every ram there must be a purpose, a cause, then his head will turn towards realizing more and not lose sight of its goal.

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