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Representation of the divine Yantra

The Yantra is a graphical representation, mathematics and magic of the divine. It 'a very old tradition that precedes even the writing itself, we can find graphical representations of God in the prehistoric wall paintings, games and magic squares of numbers in many ancient cultures, but in the tantric tradition that Yantra take a broader spectrum of uses. Many Yantra are enclosed in a square (bhupur) with four doors: the square represents the material world as the doors are the entry points into the Yantra.
In addition to invoking the divine Yantra is used by the Aghori as the object of meditation. Is painted on the walls of temples or near the Dhuni (sacred fire), is engraved on small copper plates and placed usually in the mandir (temple) or is written in small squares of paper into a container of silver or copper as amulets ( kavacha) - just as the Jews used to do with Bible verses enclosed in boxes, which then leads connected to the left arm to ward off "the Devil" - for each application there is a specific Yantra.

ganesha yantra yoga

This Yantra is the energy of the God Ganesha, the elephant God, connected to the base chakra, which brings prosperity, health, strength and energy, as well as health.
The following represents the Goddess Kali Yantra, which governs the destruction, but not negative, just what happens in the evolution of life, where everything has a beginning comes to a natural end, perhaps even dramatic or violent, but it teaches that the Life is made up of many things, and none of them can be described as evil or really negative, but only part of a natural cycle, you must learn to accept and respect, without unnecessary attachments (just as is taught in Buddhism).
The Goddess Kali is in their warrior attitude to represent these things, wears a necklace of skulls indicating the transience of things contained in the cycle of life.

Kali Yoga

Wielding an ax, which symbolizes the energy that "cuts" the head of the person who achieves his goal (which is often what the person wants to achieve), and resting one foot on a corpse just beheaded.
The following yantra represents the Holy Tara, Goddess of healing, protection from evil, and the goddess of love, goodness and mother.

Yantra Yoga-tara

The following is perhaps the most famous of all the Yantra, the most commercialized, and is to represent the feminine energy of God who created all and is constantly creating, expanding the self, itself ..
Meditation on this symbol, leads to self-awareness, to resonate with their own feminine, protective, nourishing, always useful when searching for your inner spirit or soul.

shri-yantra yoga

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