Yoga Hatha

The techniques Hatha Yogha

The positions in yoga are called Asana, and represents the basis on which it develops, through the concepts and techniques of Hatha Yoga.

The Asana or position gives firmness, health and lightness to the body, creates mental equilibrium and prevents fickleness of mind.
The Asanas are not merely gymnastic exercises. To execute them need a place airy and clean. Can be performed alone, as the limbs of the body provide the weights and balances necessary.
One practice that develops agility, balance, stamina and increases your vitality: they have been perfected over the centuries so as to exercise every muscle, nerve and gland in the body, provide a nice body, strong and elastic, that is not bound by the muscles and keep the body from disease, reduce fatigue and soothe training and disciplining the mind. (Hatha Yoga)
Although the yogi (yoga teacher) do not underestimate your body, not only thinks the physical perfection, but also that of their own senses, soul, intellect and mind.

The yogi conquers the body by the practice of asanas and makes it a suitable vehicle to your spirit. Democritus, greek philosopher, wise, often said that men still pray to the gods for health and every other blessing from heaven, when they themselves had the tools to make this happen and we do not realize.
The yogi realizes that his life and all its activities are part of the divine nature, which manifests itself and works through man. His body is a temple wherein dwells the Divine Spirit. The yogi realizes that to neglect or deny the needs of the body and think of it as something divine is not to neglect and deny the universal life of which the body itself is a part. The needs of the body are those of the Divine Spirit that lives in it.

The yogi does not overlook or never mortifies the body or mind, but feeds them both. In yoga the body is not an obstacle to spiritual liberation, nor the cause of the fall, but a means of realization.
The names of asanas are significant and explain the principle of evolution. Some take their name from the vegetation, other insects, marine animals, birds and animals in general. Others are called with names of legendary heroes, of sages, the gods of the Hindu pantheon.

The yogi's body while performing the asanas assume forms resembling a variety of living things. His mind does not despise any creature, because he knows that in the whole range of creation from the smallest insect to the most advanced essay breathes the Spirit of the Universe itself, which takes many forms.

This course is perfect antithesis to those who continue to preach certain half-truths, but without following all their own way they are pointing, but I'll do an example for me to understand better: guy says to foo that do not eat lamb because they are "so beautiful" and are tender, only to say that other types of meat they eat, or that eating bugs is good, even if they do not do it because they suck ....

All creatures are equal, but something we must live: being vegetarian does not make the person above others who do not have the same convictions, apart from that everyone is free to do whatever he wants in his life, even to eat humans (affirmation made only to give the idea of freedom that should lodge in the minds of these "pseudo enlightened" by your most energy from the gods ..).
That said, if you want to follow a path of spiritual quest, I'll never stop saying, you have the foresight to follow it all.

Yoga is life ....

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