Yoga Breath of Fire

Yoga Breath of Fire

  1. I squeeze your abdominal muscles, with strength, creating an exhalation through the "pumping" the stomach muscles inward and outward in a fast and dry, but controlled. The air enters at the top of your lungs alone. Use the rapid contractions of your abdominal muscles to inhale and exhale in this exercise. The contractions should be rhythmic.
  2. Do this several times, to practice your.
  3. Make it 20 in a row, using your abdominal muscles with the movement in / out in rapid succession, and at the end of repetition n. 20 exhale, then inhale and fill your lungs, you contract your anus, lower your chin until it touches your chest, hold your breath until you can without too much effort do not overdo it.
  4. Exhale slowly. This is a repeat. The exhalation should be brief, rather than passive inhalation and longer. It can strengthen the repetitions increasing the number of "strokes" without doing abs. Take the first three repetitions of 20, and then after a while 'time increased to 30, then 40, until you hit it 60.

What makes this Yoga exercise

  • Increases the quantity of oxygen in the body
  • Increase the heat - in the Gothic period and medieval alchemists used symbolically "bellows" used for the fireplace in the paintings alchemical, to represent this year.


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