Exercises Yoga

Exercises Yoga

Exercises Yoga

The student must be placed upright, with arms outstretched on the cross, then start turning from left to right as the clock, after a certain period the chakras will turn hard.

We'll start with the first few laps times, increasing them as you get used to the state of dizziness that comes from the rotation, until you get to do 12 laps on each side every time, will turn on themselves with their eyes open, but once stopped, it will remain closed eyes being careful not to fall.

If, once they become familiar method, and accustomed to the reactions of the body you want to continue to spin much more than 12 times you can do it safely.

Exercises Yoga second

Now that you've finished shooting on yourself, lie on the ground as shown, that is face up, feet together, arms cross, looking up.

Focus on the Divine Mother Kundalini asking, begging her to heal the diseased organ, and if you do not need to heal any physical part, you can ask to heal a part of your personality, delete an ego, or whatever.

 Yoga exercises third

Are you relaxed you made your plea, now raises her legs until they remain in an upright position, helping you with your hands at the knees if necessary, but do not lift your buttocks off the floor, in practice the waist must remain in contact with the soil.

This is what is called in the East Vipartita Karanhy Mudra, the blood will flow immediately to the head, doing work on certain areas of the brain, to strengthen the sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, etc. ..

Stay in this position by intensifying your prayers to the Goddess Mother Kundalini.

Yoga exercises quarter

We must repeat these exercises for a long time without pretending to know how to do just fine, since they also represent a form of prayer, not only of simple exercise: get on your knees on the floor, facing east, tilts his head slightly toward the floor, just a little '.

He puts his right index finger at the root of the nose, above the left nostril, inhale through the right nostril, then press both nostrils with thumb and forefinger, hold your breath for a few seconds, then free the left nostril and exhale the air.

Inhale through the left nostril and then repeat the process of closing and opening, just like breathing the sun-moon made this exercise a bit 'of times, stop, ripega head slightly as the beginning, and prays the Mother Kundalini.

 Yoga exercises fifth

Now, as you are, the body leans back, remaining kneeling, as in the figure, throws the body well back, as far as you can, and stay for a few seconds to pray, asking me to help you heal or improve as a human being.

This exercise is very short because of the effort involved, but it's very good to make the body limber, and eliminate toxins.

Yoga exercises sixth

Now sit down on the floor with legs outstretched, hands open back on the floor, the trunk slightly 'leaning back in your hands, your head straight forwards, open heels, toes together fanned in this position again makes your request to the Goddess Mother Kundalini.

 Yoga exercises seventh

Pick up the buttocks and a little 'feet so as to form a bridge, staying in position "a table", the knees should train your abs on one line, look up: intensified in this position your prayers.

 Yoga exercises eighth

Take again a pranayana sun-moon as the exercise number 4.

Yoga exercises nine

There then arises: in the position of the lizard, or Mayurasana, where you need to support Article of arms and toes, making movements like above, raising and lowering your hips without moving another, and this helps to deflate the swollen belly and full of fat.

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