Yoga Mandala

The Mandala Yoga

The mandala reproduces the stages of a complex cognitive process that aims to probe and to pacify the mind, to know and to activate the potential of consciousness.
The design consists of a series of geometric figures - the point, the triangle, circle and square - within the scope of the archetypes and symbolic suggest considerable scope for interpretation. The original function of the mandala is a path of descent into the depths and rebirth at other levels of consciousness.

One of the most obvious symbol is thus to make action riunifichi centripetal and centrifugal forces and separative mind which by its nature tends to disperse the multitude. The symbol to be descriptive, because it starts from a visual representation, becomes evocative emotions awakening removed. So do not just watch it and understand it is not even sufficient.

To be "inclusive", it must be lived. And 'but refers to the invisible visible, weaving an endless network of connections and relationships between the manifest and the unmanifest, the conscious and the unconscious, the particular and the universal. The mandala is dynamic and synthetic construction designed to achieve the convergence of the planes of being, cosmic, human and divine in it find their reconstruction. As is the integration of human beings in the universe and man.

This art developed in Buddhist and Hindu cultures, was present in all ancient cultures from Celtic, Aboriginal Australians, Native American to African peoples, the Maya island of Easter. The mandala is perhaps the representation of the relationship between man and nature more intuitive. Starting from the etymology, mandala means "circle", and already in the Vedic age, the term refers to the Sun, the Moon, to the wheel. With mandala means, therefore, a circular structure with all its component parts equidistant from the center. Yantra means "instrument, device," and serves to stimulate certain types of psychological and cognitive processes.

As for the meaning of the mandala represents the universe, physical and mental, Yantra a particular cosmic force.
Not all places are favorable for tracing the yantra: the forums are full of energy such as natural forest, the cave, the bank or the confluence of the rivers, the shade of a tree are particularly conducive to this practice. Equally good are the places where some saints have lived and worked. Of some importance for the smooth and successful running of the yantra and mandala are the position of the planets, the time of the year, month and day, as well as the direction in which to turn during the operation. If February and March are favorable for the realization of every desire worldly and spiritual, in April and September increased peace, joy, prosperity and should be chosen for the ceremonies of purification of the dwelling or place of work, while October and November crowning the effects yantra of paths to spiritual growth.

The most auspicious time of the month, marked by the phases of the moon, is the seventh day of the waxing Moon to encourage beneficial mental states and the second and the fifth and the eleventh day of the waxing moon always to raise awareness. Also fundamental orientation, that is, which way to turn the space during the execution at dawn facing the rising sun by absorbing the energies, as well as turn west at sunset to enjoy the last rays. In this regard the "medicine wheel" of Native America suggests the study. We said that one of the practical purposes that the use of the mandala is pursuing is the domain of the mental: it is in shapeless magma of negative thoughts, fears, passions, contradictions that lurk the major obstacles for the realization of themselves freely.

The psychological constructs are not independent individual acquisitions, but they come from a range of external conditions more or less obvious: the family, the curriculum, the environment, the experience and expertise accumulated day after day. Moreover, already in the womb of the mother will absorb impressions that can affect their existence. The latencies are karmic conditioning and dangerous heavier burden on humans, in fact, acting in the depths of the psyche, where it does not reach the light of conscious thought, that promote attitudes and behaviors that are beyond the so-called rational control and cause them to act in a dispersive and fraught with painful consequences. Function of the mandala is to break automatism, mental conditioning and taboos, de-automating the space of consciousness.

There are many forms and shapes, which have a different meaning depending on the connection that exists between them. The most important forms that occur most frequently along with their meanings are: the central point from which radiates the geometrical structure of the design of the mandala or yantra is the strongest symbol of the mystery of Being.
In it, infinitely small, the content is infinitely large, is the origin of space and is the beginning of time. The point is the seed from which originates the macrocosmic universe-is the drop from which comes the man-microcosm, is the unification of the opposite poles of masculine and feminine.
The other element is the geometric circle of the expansion point. The circle symbolizes
Cosmic consciousness, the universe and when it enters the rotary motion on itself giving rise to the level of graphics, the spiral. Point, circle, triangle, this is the third piece of geometry.

Is within the natural fire. Fire burning thoughts and transforms the mind.
If the vertex of the triangle is facing down is then connected with the female. The
square is a sign of stability as well as the reliability and safety. The square is the substrate, the base of the mandala as it refers to the earth element, which is just a symbol.

The crescent moon is the sign of change. The lotus flower in the center typically has eight or twelve petals, numbers, sun, the lotus flower leads to perfection and purity while its roots remain sunk in the mud of ponds, the flowers bloom in the pure air of heaven. So should the man: to transcend the human realm to tap into the divine. The lotus, a symbol of beauty, is closely connected with the Sun as it opens with the
emergence of this and close their petals in late evening, referring to the symbolism
enlightenment and knowledge.

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