Yoga practices coarse

Yoga body cleansing practices coarse

These practices continue and complete the cleaning job done by the exercise "Raw" and allow the adept to start tuning in on the best symbol of what the path points to the yoga.

  • Jumping Crocodile
  • umping Frog
  • Jeaping Hare
  • Jumping Monkey

Jumping Crocodile:

Lie on the ground in a prone position, place hands on either side of the chest, pointing to the ground, tucking it in, toes, keeping a space between a foot and the other is the extent of its basin.
During inspiration raise your pelvis off the ground to move all your weight on your hands and your arms and abdominal muscles to leap forward exhaling with force.
After the jump, will return to earth hands and toes and legs and torso form an elastic wave that will bring the belly near the ground, but you can also touch it without falling down completely.
The jumps at a small distance from one another will continue for six times, so you need to do this exercise in front of him having an empty space a few feet longer than your height.
Even with the explanation you can imagine the intensity and power of this practice which will prevent some people very thin and fragile or spinal problems.
After the execution of jumps of the crocodile is in the prone position for several minutes until the heartbeat returns calm and regular: in the body remains still for a while 'the echo of what has just done, of that form, you then relax your arms and then relaxes the whole body.

Leap Frog:

Squatting on the ground with his feet open as the measure of the basin, the tips pointing towards the outside and the knees far apart, hands resting, outward-facing, open as the measure of its shoulders, distant from the foot so as to form with these a square.
By lifting the pelvis is firmly upwards inhale, shifting his weight on his arms, feet off the ground and jump on exhaling vigorously, performed 6 consecutive jumps.
Even here you have the foresight to get a free pass in front of you, after the execution of the jump of the frog is still a comfortable position for a few minutes to listen to your breath as long as calm and relaxed again, then relax your arms and body.

Leaping Hare:

On the ground the knee sitting on their heels with knees together and feet on the ground, put your hands on the floor, open to each other as far away from their shoulders and knees about a foot.
Keep the knees together, straighten it well, right and push your upper body strength with chin up: Inhale pulling the feet and hips from the floor and exhale forcefully jump forward.
The knees finding himself back in his hands to the ground with the foot resting on the pelvis of these, and hands back to move forward every time to every opportunity: to do six jumps.
After performing this exercise, you will find a comfortable position that allows listening to the breath until you become calm and smooth, then relax your hands and body.

Jumping Monkey:

On foot, far more than open their shoulders, bend your knees a little and let down your torso forward until your hands reach the ground while keeping your arms relaxed and soft. Inhale, hands and feet off the ground by jumping in and out vigorously to leap forward, to return to touch the earth as the starting position.
Repeat the exercise six times: after running left to calm the breath and then relax your hands and body.

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