A supervolcano: Yellow stone park

yellowstone national parkThe dangers of an explosion of the next supervolcano Yellowstone generates fear and panic among the people all over the world due to the effects that such a thing would cause





 disaster supervolcano eruption

The geothermal phenomena of volcanic caldera of Yellowstone present in the United States, as the "Geysers" and hot springs, are generated by a situation magmatic geological sub unusually high for the recent history of the last thousand years. The eruptions of volcanic magma that generated the caldera beneath the soil of the Yellowstone were gigantic when compared to what we are normally used the last of these occurred 630,000 years ago, "regurgitated" 1000 cubic kilometers of ash that were scattered over the western United States. The eruption that formed the caldera erupted 1.3 million years ago, 280 kilometers cubic meters of pyroclastic while that of 2.1 million years ago reached the exceptional volume of 2450 cubic kilometers of ash. These together with the Toba caldera in Sumatra are the largest known Quaternary volcanoes in the world come down to us thanks to the geological traces found on site. The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in comparison turns out to be a trifle in fact reached only 1.3 cubic kilometers of lava.

The latest volcanic eruptions at Yellowstone occurred 70,000 years ago as they begin to speculate when will be the next because the magma chamber underground Yellowstone is already showing signs of over-pressure and next eruption even if it is just scaremongering without proof conclusive caution claims to speak for the time of possible consequences or dangers that may come true in the near future also to begin to prepare humanity for something that is unbelievable. Under Yellowstone Park there is a real volcano, even if you do not see to the untrained eye the classic features, which occupies a third of the park, namely an area of 210 square kilometers, to let you know more or less such as Valle d'Aosta. The material that was blown off by the volcanic eruption of St Helens in 1980 compared to that to which we should prepare in case of a Yellowstone explosion would be about one thousandth of a difference and it is not a little worried about the people who live near the Park American and all other civilizations, however, would find themselves to be affected by the ash clouds that would be culled, in comparison with what man can provoke with the polluting habits have not the slightest interest when compared with a possible case of general.

yellowstone magma disaster

And this is what they have arrived British scientists who have studied the case, published by the BBC about the pprobabile eruption of one of the largest volcanoes in the world that are continuously monitored, such as the Yellowstone in America. It seems that every 600,000 years or so, the volcano and its caldera eruttino their gas pyroclastic but the checks carried out would seem to be a little late since it does not show an eruption 640,000 years which suggests a forthcoming exhibition of nature. Although planned for the 2074 eruption of the Yellowstone scientists can not guarantee 100% that they are right or really go well but in any case, has to occur for the date in question, or before, the consequences for the Earth and the 'humanity would be unspeakable, because the fact produce an energy equal to that resulted from a collision with a comet or an asteroid! The Yellowstone supervolcano is not the only unusual on our planet but for example there is one in California and is called the Pacific Rim, while another is near Naples in Italy and bears the name of the Phlegraean Fields. Should the volcano of Yellowstone or a similar exploded for humanity would mean only one thing: a nuclear winter because by the eruption would everted and ejected into cubic kilometers of rock, dust, ash, sulfur and materials that would as a shield to sunlight, creating a sudden drop in temperatures around the globe with death consequences that would follow. From research carried out, the eruption 74,000 years ago in Toba, Sumatra, brought down the global temperature of about 5 degrees, which is sufficient to extinguish an animal species in recent years seismic activity beneath the Yellowstone has increasingly intensified elevation of earth covering the caldera just like when you prepare popcorn in those aluminum plates by placing them in the microwave, so much so that the lake in the park flooded places before hams.

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Over these "good" news, there was already an American company that is making money hand over fist selling a shelter at a low price to those who are afraid of these possible future evidence is derived from volcanic explosions that meteorites or wars of various kinds: presents itself as a haven for every occasion this is the most important product of the Atlas Survival Shelter, a company specialized in the production of emergency shelters. The structures measure 30 square meters and can be buried in the ground to a depth of 6 meters. According to the manufacturers of these shelters would be able to withstand extreme weather events, bombings, disasters chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. They can accommodate up to four people have anti explosion doors, air filtration system and underground storage and the cost of the most equipped version is around 46,000 euro price good thinking that such a shelter built by Swiss companies to secure terms of safety and salvation they know so much more you can easily get around the one million euro. If you prefer, there is also the option minimal or no furniture at a cost of 28 thousand euro. You should think that at present the Atlas Survival Shelter has a second market for its shelters, deer hunters and adventurers, or simply people a little 'weird looking for an accommodation bizarre out of the ordinary, even to stand out. Also in the U.S., a company has built and sold in Kansas entire blocks of flats proof of judgment, incorporated in former missile silos. In this case, the far-sighted tenants have even access to a swimming pool, a cinema and an indoor farm though a suite of generally costs the beauty of $ 7 million.

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