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annunaki aliens nibiruThe creation of humanity has always created problems for researchers but if only they had sought in the Sumerian tablets were discovered that humanity was created by the Anunnaki from Nibiru.

Annunaki aliens nibiru



According to Sumerian mythology, the term Anunnaki or Annunaku, ie "sons of An", means all of the Sumerian gods, which were made at a meeting, chaired by An, god of the sky. It was composed of seven supreme, which included the four main creators of An, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, with the addition of Inanna, Utu and Sin and dozens of other children, also known as the Igigi. Zecharia Sitchin, not being an orthodox translator, interpreted from the Sumerian tablets of the reporting that the Anunnaki were aliens who came from the planet Nibiru, a planet in our solar system. Suffice it to recall that in the Old Testament of the Bible, which leads to the base resulting from Sumerian myths and stories as well as other cultures retrospect, the Nephilim are mentioned where it is now safe to say, in the light of the interpretations of various scholars and by historical evidence found at the sites in question, another would be that the Anunnaki themselves.

Sitchin, based on the Sumerian tablets Enûma Elis, and being a university professor who worked at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and was an expert in Semitic languages, argued that some Sumerian tablets describing the history of the colonization of Earth by alien visitors called Nephilim : in substance on the planet called Nibiru, about half a million years ago, life was slowly dying out due to the loss of the planet's atmosphere. Once deposed by Anu, the ruler Alalu manages to escape on a spaceship and found refuge on Earth, where he discovers that there is a strong presence of gold that can be used to protect the atmosphere of Nibiru which is increasingly thinning and disappearing. About 5000 years later, led by Enki, son of Anu, the Anunnaki arrive on Earth, founded Eridu, a kind of paradise for the word Eden derives from this name, which was nothing if not an outpost of extracting the precious metal, and that it should have found in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

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Over thousands of years the Earth's climate changes increasingly becoming meek and other Anunnaki arrive on the planet colonized with Ninharsag sister of Enki and the head doctor. Since the production of gold is scarce, Anu arrives on Earth with Enlil, the heir apparent, and you decide to mine gold by mining excavations located in southern Africa. The decision of who should go through appointments to mining, Enlil wins command of the mission on Earth, Enki is relegated to Africa. Interestingly the Anunnaki, were divided into two categories ie dispostici but spiritual physiognomy blonde and dark haired ones that had to do the most menial and laborious, and that they had to take on the fatigue of gold. At the head of the latter there was Enki, which is called Ea, while the mother planet Nibiru Enlil prevailed: after a certain period, the Anunnaki who worked the extraction of mineral rebelled also to the conditions of work and down on the battlefield to assert their rights, war that lasted a very long time but where, once the fatigue party had reason of souls, it was possible to find an alternative solution and thanks to their scientific knowledge performed an experiment to create a race of workers, literally slaves, genetically engineered crops and having parts of DNA belonging to the creators of hominid species.

Thanks to the collaboration between Ninharsag and Enki was created after several attempts the new creature that would work in the mines, Homo sapiens, was born the first Adam which also means "one who comes from the Earth," or better Adam, who was a hermaphrodite form which was later split into male and female, in the shape perfectly human. The new servants of the gods began to work in the mines where life was very hard, but the Anunnaki were satisfied, the men a little less. At first, the new species was used in Africa in the gold mines but very soon they were required to be present also in Sumer, but was not able to reproduce themselves, which changed when Enki gave them the opportunity to create turmoil in the elite Annunaki. Then those who had come to this planet, began to taste a little too earthly women and mated with them what you did not like Enlil decided to use it to eliminate humanity.

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The Anunnaki who now lived on Earth for some time knew that in a short period of time, there would have been an immense and unavoidable catastrophe that occurred about 13,000 years ago, caused by the gravitational force exerted by the proximity of Nibiru to Earth, then , without telling the man, the gods left their ships and returned only when the fury of the elements abated, while Enki, who had always been a supporter of mankind, the decision contravened planning to save it through a "chosen family" and informing of danger a man mentioned in the Bible by the name of Noah. The gods decided to provide the information necessary for the construction of "ark" where were preserved terrestrial species impending disaster, later, when the spacecraft came to rest on Mount Ararat, great was the surprise of Enlil to see that some men had survived the immense event. After that unfortunate, humanity acquired to be fully accepted in receiving the Land of the Gods, allowing men to settle in three places, or the valley of the Nile, the lower part of Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, while a fourth zone was used for the sole use of the sacred calling, or private, to which men could not gain unauthorized access area there called Tiltum, "instead of missiles", which was nothing if not an aerospace base for the Anunnaki. From all this in mind you can understand now why the share of management that govern the world and that really know the truth, do not want you to know that in reality, to promote the good life of a very few people, other multitudes must live a life of preacarietà and effort as well as enormous difficulties to live, only an agreement of hundreds of thousands of years ago with a race that still secretly governs modern societies.

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