Animal mutilations

mysterious animal mutilationsCases of mutilation of livestock or farm animals still bear the mark of mystery because although it is not rare isolated events have not yet found the cause.

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mysterious animal mutilations

I do not know exactly the start dates in which they have originated these mysterious phenomena that lead still signs of delirium characterized by obscene maciullamenti precision performed on various types of animals. In 1967 in Kansas, a filly named Lady was found with the fleshless neck, jaw and other organs, perfectly removed without a trace of slaughter or blood, were found human footprints or traces of other predators. The only thing that was found near a circle of packed earth and hard as porcelain, that excelled markedly between adjacent plates. Since then, similar cases have been reported in various countries of the world, even if strange reports were incorporated in the annals of 1700 where historical writings show the same kind of mutilation.

As for the events that create crop circles, this phenomenon occurs during the night, preceded by the sighting of fast balls of light or objects as large as a football field, which illuminate the area covered per day. The bodies of animals are found bizarre wounds, where organs are removed and the blood vessels cauterized with a strong heat. Some researchers' hypothesis argue that to make these real operations, a laser is used. The parts removed from the beasts are varied and do not indicate the reason for these mutilations since the rest of the carcasses are left without any care on the ground. The cases of MAM known or at least drawn with some accuracy, as we have said, date back to 1700, but the most obvious coming from the first post-war period.

animal mutilation mistery

In this photo, there was a perfect cut in cattle with removal of the tongue and part of the cheek, where there are no blood or other traces attest to how the animal has been operated, but the head is a very vascular ..

M.A.M. mutilation animal

This photo is instead related to a mare named Lady, belonging to the first case of MAM officially known in history even if you write down allegations of MAM is in the 50s and even in Italy in the '30s. This episode concerning this mare is revealed in 1967 in Colorado, September 9th, 1967 was found in this way: the neck and the head stripped, the bones were white and spotless, even in this case as in others, not a trace of blood . Were found for traces of radioactivity significantly above the background noise of the Earth, were also removed the heart, intestine and thyroid. The phenomenon of MAM, is a phenomenon that is still happening in the world, although there are numerous documented cases in the United States. Many scholars have speculated that the phenomenon in the case of medical experiments or military land, but it is unclear how logical a group of doctors or military should be to work with animals private risk of leaving evidence of some secret experiment when they could do everything in the labs under their tutelage where making any experiment with the necessary privacy.

mistery causes mutilation

Beyond that we do not understand how they could have used already in the 60s of high-tech in those days did not know if not purely academic, since the injuries on the corpses of animals reported the safe use of this instrument . Several witnesses often report seeing light sources Intenza spherical flying around before it came cases of animal mutilation. In these two images an interesting photo and detail, where the animal in question seems to have been dropped from the top, otherwise it would explain how it was possible to reach that point of an electricity pylon.

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