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nazca lines mapsThe Nazca lines are still a mystery as to why and how they were built as the Nazca civilization was very primitive

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Developed in the fifteenth century BC and 500 A.D. the Nazca people are extremely religious and spiritual constructs its ceremonial center in the City of Temple, Kawachi. This location is the most important place of worship of Nazca where in fact we find temples and pyramids of enormous size: the Nazca were an agricultural people, so Kawachi was built at a time where they had all the food they needed and enough resources to develop a highly developed religious system. The past of the mysterious Nazca has since appeared as suddenly as the people are also just as quickly disappeared 1,200 years ago, but not before he recorded a series of huge hieroglyphs or drawings into the ground near the desert soil.

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The story of the Nazca lines, located nell'altopiano the same name, began in 1927 when a pilot flying over the Peruvian highlands saw the lines that stood out on the ground, going for miles in real pictures in the Peruvian desert: these lines, called geoglyphs could be spotted only sorvolandoli. There are more than 13000 lines forming more than 800 representatives drawings animals and insects large up to 180 meters. In 1039 an American archaeologist named Paul Kosok, began a careful study of the site in question and thanks to this search lines were divided into three categories or straight, geometric and spiral, the latter also contains the drawings of animals and people.

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From research carried out these geoglyphs were made by the Nazca civilization, around 350 AD but unfortunately the date with modern methods is not accurate due to the fact that it has been possible to date the only site with finds of pottery left in place, and for this reason, the dating was carried out by comparing the drawings depicted plateau and the pottery found in the ruins of Cahuachi, ceremonial city of Nazca, found on the edge of the Pampas. The people of Nazca, to build the site, removed all the stones that contained iron oxide then got a contrast with the ground he was also under heat in the desert area in question has protected the designs from the action Wind blowing on the plateau.

A scholar of international renown, Mary Reich, the ancients started from a design and then build the image on the ground using a magnification using a grid formed by ropes on the ground, but managed to achieve perfectly straight lines even for 65 km, and this is one of the many mysteries of the site and mainly because they lost a lot of time to build these geoglyphs that were only visible from the air? The mystery deepens: Various hypotheses have been advanced about a new but seems to bring new light on this. Maybe in fact the lines were used to the old people to find the wells of water which were an invaluable resource in these regions. A Nazca and other areas of Peru, there are legends that concern the inhabitants of heaven, the gods coming down to the ground. The so-called people of Heaven, which refer to the legends Nazca, which seem to reconnect with old stories on the Annunaki Sumerian legends and myths found in the ancient Hittites.

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Still not clear absolute motivation of these lines, a hypothesis has it that they had an astronomical significance where each figure indicating the direction to a constellation of the period, while another suggests that those who created these figures he did waiting the return of the gods on Earth, but there are those who see a correlation between the lines and the water, so scarce in the area. This hypothesis, not supported in the past, has recently regained momentum through the study of an independent researcher American Poughkeepsie, David Johnson, who has worked in collaboration with researchers at the University of Massachusetts, and has been popularized by the Peruvian "Andina" .

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In fact, the researcher hieroglyphs would form a huge map of underground water resources, and would have found a close correlation between the ancient aqueducts and other water elements and the main figures of the place. It would have been the case, according to the researcher, to enable the pre-Hispanic peoples to know the underground waterways flowing down from the mountains surrounding the desert. The hypothesis of a relationship between the figures and the water would be supported by research the German Archaeological Institute and the Institute of Andean Archaeological research whose researchers have documented the presence of religious offerings in small cavities near the hieroglyphics just as if you would like to thank the gods for the presence of water at that point, so this hypothesis has it that the lines formed a ritual landscape whose purpose was to allow those who were able to read them to obtain water.

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According to the legends Nazca, the gods have elongated heads very similar to the skulls discussed the Egyptian pharaoh, King Tutankhamun, and his sister Meritamon. Brien Foster, author of the book "A Brief History of the Incas", asserts that the elongated skulls represent the largest human hybrids, dating back thousands of years ago, years lived here very peacefully, and that may be the ancestors of the Incas . This could be the reason why the Incas, from people who came seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly became a people incredibly advanced, it is possible that descended from star beings. Despite what I have just said you have no evidence, however, at least according to the real science that wants all the hypotheses to be tested have a good deal of evidence to support the idea presented about that then still nothing done for now.

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