Pyramid submarine submerged


underwater pyramid discoveryArchaeological discovery of a pyramid found submerged in a lake is still looking for evidence relating to its membership and construction



underwater pyramid lake

One day, Geng Wei, an underwater specialist, he saw a strange formation in the lake. Discovered stone materials, including stone slabs with the strips and with a thickness of moss. Since then there were many expeditions making Fuxian, the most famous lake in Yunnan.

Being a lake 155 meters deep and murky water earlier research did not obtain satisfactory results.
On 24 October 1991, a man named Zhang Yuxiang was fishing on the tranquil lake. Suddenly, he and others said that a luminous disc jumped out of the lake, like a fog. The disc vanished in the air and the boat was tossed by waves. This strange phenomenon shocked Zhang and the other people who were with him. Could be affected by a lake UFO activity?

Maybe .. the findings may indicate a past activity and perhaps that continues to the present day, regarding some alien race, having a base in the lake, as is the case in many parts of the world where machines are identified as alien fly up after it exits from rivers, lakes or sea zones.
Geng, after making expeditions in the area, wrote reports indicating the existence of buildings under water, underwater research team, found on the bottom of the lake thanks to sophisticated equipment. They realized that the formations of the rocks indicated by the instruments, had a profile too sharp to be able to belong to a natural formation, and estimated that the training had an extension between 2.4 km and 2.7 km ². Beyond that claimed to have found the bottom of the lake, a pyramid of more than 40 meters high, and it was an extraordinary discovery, preserved in the eyes of humanity from the water of the lake.

In total there are three pyramid found in the lake indicated, and have been kept intact by the fact of being immersed in water so the oxygen has not impaired: it seems the images recorded by underwater cameras show that there are human forms carved in stone carved in stone.
It seems that the construction could have an age varying between 7,000 and 14,000 years, but has been studied only 1% of the depth of the lake up to 7 km wide and 50 km long over. The pyramids have many similarities with Maya, the blocks are of similar size to that of the Pyramid of Khufu, located at great heights. We insist on attention exceptional UNESCO and other organizations for this archaeological site. This is a legacy of our common history of the Earth.

It 'survived thanks to water, depth and time. Our responsibility is to preserve and study as objectively as possible. We must know our common Earth's history, to understand the complexity and uniqueness of our modern life - still heavily dependent on space weather. These catastrophic events that claim the lives of a planetary civilization, should make us think that the only possible way of life and the immortality of man as a species is to expedite projects in the municipality of space colonization close. "

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